The Seminar

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Sorry about sending this to the list. I tried to e-mail "The Seminar"'s
author directly, but the address given at the beginning of the story
doesn't seem to work. So, I'm mailing it here, hoping that the author
will see it. Besides, you other fanfic authors might find a couple story
ideas I pose interesting.
> I just got through reading your Sonic fanfic story, "The Seminar". I
> liked it. It was a pleasant change-of-pace which allowed the reader to
> get to know the characters a little better.
> The part about Rotor missing his family reminded me of something I had
> been wondering about Sonic. Namely, what ever happened to HIS mom and
> dad? He must have had some parents at one point, but I've never seen or
> heard them mentioned anywhere. A pretty good story could be built around
> that. Also, one could write a story about Sonic's difficulty adjusting
> to a more peaceful life now that Robotnik's gone. Just a few ideas I
> thought you might like to hear from someone else on the Sonic mailing list.
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