Re: video games

Date: Fri, 28 Jul 1995 15:18:53 EDT

>I personally hated the Sonic the Hedgehog types of games. I never
>get into the scrollers.

Really? I LOVED the Sonic series, even if they WERE platform games. Oh,
and you DID mean platform games when you said "scrollers", right? Cuz if
you didn't, and you really meant all scrollers...jeez, that would mean you
only like single-screen games like Pong, Pac Man, and the original Donkey
Kong. 8P Anywayz, I hate to get off the topic of Sonic, but a really
great game I enjoyed and would reccomend is Final Fantasy 3, an RPG for
SNES. But enough about that! Back to Sonic...I'd have to say it's one of
my two favorite side-scrollers, although I admit it's not my favorite game.


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