Human Capability

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Dear friends

RDB: The Sally robot is nearing completion when Snivelly brings in a memory
     board and tells Robotnik "here we go - enough memory to mimic _human_
     (emphasis mine) capability" (or something like that) - hmm, maybe that's
     another log for the "what is Sally" flamewar/discussion? :^)

     I think it gives possible evidence for the theory that Mobius was created
by humans doing an experiment on sapience. Since humans were the first
sentient beings, "human capability" is the common term for sentience.
Personally I'm really leaning to this "NIMH" scenario, wherein some animals
got their human customs from the group of scientists who first worked on

Sincerely -

Juan F. Lara

"The octo-pod can look...but he better not touch!"

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