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Date: Sat, 22 Jul 1995 08:18:37 +1000

Ha-haa! :) (Okay, so it's not really that funny after being in the
same position myself..)

Now it's ObSonic time:

BB: First of all, if it was a future Earth, why isn't it still called Earth?
> My theory is that Mobius is another planet.
> Maybe Earthlings colonized it with some humans and animals genetically
> engineered to evolve to sentient species.
> I'm thinking that perhaps human culture somehow died off when humans
> no longer were the prevalent sentient species. So some aspects like
> Earth's name were lost/replaced, but others like Bunnie's and Antoine's
> accents survived. But now I'm having these "Mad Max/ Thundarr"
> flashbacks. :-)

Maybe Mobius is a duplicated Earth, created during some advanced
physics/mathematical (hence the name) lab experiment gone awry..

Let's see.. The duplicate planet also could've been created
intentionally, but several million years "in the future" to see how
the animals evolved (or to prove theories on the development of
sapience?) The humans that are there could be [descended] from the
survey parties. Ant' and Bunnie's accents then would be the result
of their ancestors learning language from survey party tutors from
the appropriate ethnic group...

> Secondly, at the current rate of technological development, I'm sure that
> Sally would own something much better than a simple hand-held computer

There's a "prime directive" of the above survey parties to limit
their influence in technological development..? :)

DJD: "Fortified"
> Mawhinney, though, seems to draw [Sally] a little on the "squashed" side.
> Definitely. Mawhinney did an excellent job with the characters in the
> "Princess Sally" miniseries. But he seems to have particular trouble
> drawing Bunnie. Her torso looks like it's been mashed in between her
> appendages.

Mawhinney's Bunnie also has a very child-like face. Ugh, IMHO.


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