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-> James:
-> Sonic 1/2 exists. It basically reprints the first 6 or 8 pages of So
-> It was polybagged with an issue of "Sega Visions" and also was part
-> special promotion with Howard Johnson's. It was printed entirely on
-> newsstand stock, and did NOT have a glossy cover. Hope this helps.
-> Best regards,
-> Paul Castiglia
-> Archie Comics
    There was also a "Sonic Comic" advertisement in some comic books--
DC, MArverl, and maybe Archie, about the Game. It had almost nothing,
as far as I know, to do with the present comic book, but was rather an
advert for the new (then) Sonic game for the Genisis. Hmm... I wonder
if that can be found anywhere? It described a REALLY different origin
for both Sonic and Robotnik...

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