Date: Sat, 15 Jul 95 05:49:00 -0500

Ok it looks sofar that the meet is a good idea. But personly i whould
prefer IRC or IRCtelephone over Furtoonia for one i still havn't go my
charector yet that i sent away for. So i might start to take a vote form
everyone. starting now and ending next friday send me where you think
whould be a good place for a meet. and also a good time. because of
major time zone difrences we might have a little problem there. a good
time that was mentened was sunday morning at 8:00 EDT this whoud
however meen people over in calif. whould have to be on at 5 in the
morning and over in aust. it whould be 11 at night. So send me a good
time. And make sure it is in EDT time or i will get messed up.

This will NOT be an autmated vote counter so you can send me coments.
And don't flood the list with votes send them right to me at.


Send me where you want the meet (IRC, IRCT, FURTOONIA, ect.) and a good
time in EDT.

Or if you see me on IRC you can tell me there On irc and irct i am
Sonic100. And once i get my charector on furtoonia i will be


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