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Dear friends

BB: First of all, if it was a future Earth, why isn't it still called Earth?
    Secondly, at the current rate of technological development, I'm sure that
    Sally would own something much better than a simple hand-held computer

     Nicole's not so bad. She does seem to have a huge database, and artifi-
cial intelligence. :-)
     I'm thinking that perhaps human culture somehow died off when humans no
longer were the prevalent sentient species. So some aspects like Earth's name
were lost/replaced, but others like Bunnie's and Antoine's accents survived.
But now I'm having these "Mad Max/Thundarr" flashbacks. :-)

BB: My theory is that Mobius is another planet.

     Maybe Earthlings colonized it with some humans and animals genetically
engineered to evolve to sentient species.

BB: (Question: why are all humans bent on world domination?)

     Both of them? :-) I wonder if there are any other humans left besides
Robotnik and Snivelly.

BJI: >an exact number for the age of maturity. So, 15 + 2 = 17, no? :)
     Um, no. Sally *did* say she wouldn't come of age until 18.

     So she's 15, going on 16. :-) It's probably a couple of months before
her 16th. birthday.

CB: What was the most unsettling when I saw the cartoon was how thin Sally was.

     Tootsi Pop physiques seem to be common in cartoons. I'm happy that the
creators are taking her design more seriously in drawing her not as thin as

DJD: "Fortified"
      Mawhinney, though, seems to draw her a little on the "squashed" side.

     Definitely. Mawhinney did an excellent job with the characters in the
"Princess Sally" miniseries. But he seems to have particular trouble drawing
Bunnie. Her torso looks like it's been mashed in between her appendages.
     Bunnie was featured in the last page of Sonic #25, but she's put behind
the credits. Shame.

DJD: as far as I'm concerned they are of dubious canonical value.

     There's just no way the daily series could be in the same continuity as
the weekly series. The formats are just too different. The daily series is
a bad imitation of old Warner Bros. cartoons, and it has no explanation for
its premise. I'd rather it be just another of those parallel universes alluded
to in the comic book, one I'd rather not visit. :-) ( Scratch, Grounder and
Coconuts did make some appearances in the comic book, but thankfully they seem
to be gone now. )
     Well, at least the daily series has Miss Possum. :-)

     See ya around.

Sincerely -

Juan F. Lara

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