Mecha Sonic, Princess Sally

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-> Has anyone tryed to start a petition to make them create more
-> cartoons? Hey, with a little work we might get the cartoon back!

Well that wouldn't be possible. For one, Sega cancelled the contract after
DIC started to sell some animation stills from the show and that got
Sega P.O.ed. Also robotnik bit the dust at the end of the show. Now that
wouldn't be too much of a problem. I am trying to write a story where
robotnik comes back in a way that sounds like something they would do in

-> Oh, are the novels any good? Er, novellas....are there any
-> 100 pages is a little short for me. And I haven't seen any graphic
-> novels, are there any out there?

I think they are 100 page books with some pictures. I have also seen a
book that was made for younger kids. It's a really short book like a
picture story book. Forget what it was called.

Also if they can't get the TV show back why not they get Time Warner to
get rights form Sega and Archie to make some Audio plays like they make.
I have heard a few of TWs Audio Plays before and they do a good job.
What i was thinking is they could get the cartoon cast back together to
preform some of the Comics

-> A person was asking for help with a game. Where on the net is
-> this
-> game? I need directions.

Ok it's a service called Furtooia. I had the Telnet adress somewhere
here but can't find it right now. I have it on my EWAN program so i can
try thst. Here is what i remember

Telnet to port 9999
logon as a guest they will tell you how
ring for a help wizard online to let you out of the guest room
tyoe out till your outside ofthis big tree
type taxi then gfo
then type d
your in Knothole!

-> One last question, how old is Antoine?
-> -
Well in the episode Blast from the Past they have him with the rest of
the kids. I whoud guess he is about the same age as Sonic and Sally

Hope that cleared some things up

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