Mecha Sonic, Princess Sally

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Date: Tue, 11 Jul 1995 21:34:21 +0100

> Antoine is a buffoon.

        I can't argue with that!

> Sally wears most of her tail on her head...
> Regardless of her species, I just love the way Spaz drew her in Sonic #25,
> especially when she is parachuting (on pp. 19 and 21).

        Again, I can't argue.

        To all the theories about Mecha Sonic's legs melting, those were
believeable, so I step down from that topic.

        Now for a theory I thought up on Sonic's brain. It is called the
Sonic's Cranium Catastrophy. To reply, on the subject put Sonic's Cranium.
Ok, here is the theory: Sonic travels at various increadable speeds. Now
when he stops, it is almost imediate. So his brain would hit the inside of
his skull a lot. This could be the reason he is so rude, impatient and so
slow minded. Does anyone agree?

        Has anyone tryed to start a petition to make them create more
cartoons? Hey, with a little work we might get the cartoon back!

        Oh, are the novels any good? Er, novellas....are there any NOVELS?
100 pages is a little short for me. And I haven't seen any graphic novels,
are there any out there?

        In the cartoon, Sonic gets his chilidogs from a dispenser machine.
How could it keep creating chilidogs everytime Sonic wants one or two a
day? And no "It could be a replicator" replies, this is not Star trek.

        A person was asking for help with a game. Where on the net is this
game? I need directions.

        One last question, how old is Antoine?
"You can tell I'm a living legend, not some ordinary creep." - Weird "Al"

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