Sonic, #26, Princess Sally Miniseries

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Dear friends

Rat: Cool! did you read the books?

     Yeah, I've read all three. But I'm a big fan of the movie. My personal
favorite animated movie.

ES: And you know via e-mail why I've got to stick up for rodents ;-)

     Like I said, cute squirrel. :-)

ES: On Mobius, all the species seem to get along together pretty well. A place
    where a rodent can be a rodent without shame.

     In the Princess Sally mini-series, Hamlin and Geoffrey made swipes at
each other that referred to each other's species. But other than that the
characters aren't very conscious about their species.
     DYN: Actually, most of the time no one species is prevalent. There was
the Wolf Pack, the Dragon nest, and the hyena gang in the series. But besides
those instances, there's usually not more than two sentient beings of the same
species present.
JF: All the new character designs, although good, didn't seem consistant with
    original characters.

     I noticed that none of the new characters had "stick figure physique"
designs like the characters once had in the beginning of the comic book.
Personally, I'm glad that they're moving away from that style.

     See ya around.

Sincerely -

Juan F. Lara

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