Re: Sonic#26: Princess Sally-- a Weasel?? (fwd)

From: James Firmiss <>
Date: Thu, 6 Jul 95 14:42:14 CDT

> Sonic #26 has just arrived at my section of space-- it's nice
> when your orders appear within a few months of the cover date. :)
> In this month's iss, the Freedom Fighters are cooling off by a lake
> [Otaku/FAQ note: Sonic has a "Hydro-sonic" speed, fast enough to run
> across water, like a basilisk] when Robotnik starts up a weather
> machine that causes a sudden summer's day snow storm. The FFs take
> refuge in a cave system, where they discover a few Arctic Mobians
> who have been hiding underground to avoid discovery by Robotnik.
> One of the group is Erma, and it's my guess she's an Ermine after
> looking at the other characters' names and her brown and white pelt.
> The funny thing is, Erma looks a lot (a _real_ lot) like Sally-- the
> face and tapering muzzle, the long cylindrical body, the relatively
> small ears, the brown (at least during summer) pelt. So maybe the
> Princess could possibly be of mustel heritage too... Hmm.

My guess is that Manak tried to extrapolate from existing character
designs in order to create Erma and some of the others. This way
they'd all 'fit together' artistically. [I'm assuming Erma is supposed
to be a weasel of sorts]

The Wolf Pack in Sonic's 2nd season Saturday TV show was a good example
of making a new character's design 'fit in' properly.

That, by the way, was one of my only complaints about the Princess Sally
miniseries. All the new character designs, although good, didn't seem
consistant with original characters. [An extreme case of this would be
if Prince Valiant introduced a new character which looked like someone
from Peanuts... now that would be weird.]

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