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On Thu, 29 Jun 1995, JOHN MANKOWSKI wrote:

> I also need a list of all the places to go on the net for sonic stuff.
> I also heard something about an online adventure game somewhere with a
> Knothole village in it.

Need a place for sonic stuff? Then, if you don't have it already, write
down this WWW address:

Here you'll find a huge selection of sonic fanfic, not only by me but by
other net authors as well, not to mention a small selection of pics.

As for the online adventure game, what you might be thinking of is the
MUCK know as Furtoonia where people interact in a text based virtual
environment, and, yes, there is an area know as The Great Forest and a
Robotropolis, there's also a Great Unknown (thanks to yours truely).]

I must admit though that the actual adventuring part is very slow at the
moment. The player who uses Robotnik is rarly on and the rest of us are
finding it hard to really get a huge adventure going. most of the time
we simply meet and talk about stuff. On occasion, you WILL find Packbell
stirring up trouble but not too often.

The Telnet address for the place is 9999
Feel free to drop by if you wish.

See ya' in Cyberspace!

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                                       --any movie producer

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