sonic V1 #42

From: <>
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 1995 20:13:14 -0400

sonic Thursday, 22 June 1995 Volume 01 : Number 042


From: Brad Clark <>
Date: Wed, 21 Jun 1995 23:51:57 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: RE: sonic rumers on the net

On Wed, 21 Jun 1995, Wallis, Mike wrote:

> >3.A Sonic game that is like the sega one but for the PC. Also posable
> >but probly not leagal.
> Actually, Sega is starting up a PC line, and one of the first titles they
> are moving to the PC platform is Sonic CD. This was shown at the E3 Show in
> LA, May 11-13, and it looked real cool running on a nice monitor (as opposed
> to a poor resolution NTSC TV). I don't know when the Sega PC line will
> start shipping products, but I would guess that the Sonic CD - PC game will
> be available by this Christmas.
        REALLY?! That's great news! Keep us all updated about this
one. Perhaps I have a good reason to get a CD ROM now. Any idea what
kind of requirements it will need, and how simular it is (ie music etc.)
to the original?


From: James Firmiss <>
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 1995 11:23:53 CDT
Subject: Re: sonic rumers on the net

> It's been claimed elsewhere that Exon and friends have
> used examples from abpef to lead opinion in the Senate.

abpef?<?>.<?> ?

> --
> Chris,,

I wish I had CSPAN-2 ... I'd be able to see these arguments.


From: James Firmiss <>
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 1995 11:12:37 CDT
Subject: Archie's Sonic #26

Hiyas. I found Sonic 26 at our local comic shop yesterday.

I don't have time to type up a review although I wanted to make a few

Manak is back.. He did the first story and it looks like he forgot to draw
Sally's blue vest... Wups. Oh well, It was supposed to be a hot summer day
in the story anyway (at least until Robotnik started causing trouble).

Art Mawhinney penciled the 2nd story with Bunny Rabbot being one of the
main acting characters (instead of her just standing around in the
background as usual).

Again in SonicGrams they talked about the upcoming miniseries starring
our own favorite 'happy fun fox', Tails. It should be out in the fall.
You can even write to 'Tails-Grams' to get your letters in early.

By the way.. to that new guy on the list who said he had Sonic stories:
  Hooray! We haven't had Sonic stories on this list for a while!
  I can't wait to see em.

- ---

===[ James Firmiss --- ]===
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From: (Ryan Fields)
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 95 17:10:14 PDT
Subject: RE: sonic rumers on the net

>5.Edited sound files of sonic and tails saying sware words. Yea Right!!
>That sounds a bit hard to do on a home PC

Actually, there are some shareware sound editing programs that might allow
someone to accomplish that, but it wouldn't be easy. And it's a pretty
stupid idea anyway.


Date: Thu, 22 Jun 1995 15:41:34 EDT
Subject: Re: Archie's Sonic #26

>By the way.. to that new guy on the list who said he had Sonic stories:

Uh...PLEASE don't call me "that new guy"! Thanx. I *WILL* send the
stories, tho'...soon.



From: "Wallis, Mike" <>
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 95 13:20:00 PDT
Subject: Re: Archie's Sonic #26

>>By the way.. to that new guy on the list who said he had Sonic stories:

>Uh...PLEASE don't call me "that new guy"! Thanx. I *WILL* send the
>stories, tho'...soon.

You got it, New Guy!

Oops, sorry. {grin}



From: Ron Bauerle <>
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 1995 16:55:42 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: sonic rumers (sic) on the net

>From: James Firmiss <>

>> It's been claimed elsewhere that Exon and friends have
>> used examples from abpef to lead opinion in the Senate.

>abpef?<?>.<?> ?

e.f. = erotica.furry

RDB, surprised nobody answered this already...


From: Ron Bauerle <>
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 1995 16:51:29 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: RE: Super Sonic?

>From: James Walt <>

I'm CCing this to my mini-Sonic list plus the "real" one FWIW; hope that's

>I haven't heard anything about the latest Sonic The Hedgehog issue from
>the peanut gallery. (or anywhere else it seems)

I just sent you 4 comments on 25 from the list, plus one on 26. I haven't
made any myself because I haven't picked my copies up yet :^( However, I
did scan through 25 the other day in a bookstore, and...

>I thought that there
>would be a cute-off between Dot Warner and Amy Rose Hedgehog fer sure.

Well, neither compare to Babs/Fifi/Bunny/Sally... I'll be picking up my
copies probably this weekend and may have more to say after that.

>I used to be a normal person, (YOU! hush) before I got caught up in the
>STH discussions. Now I haunt the newsstand waiting for the next issue to
>appear. I'm quickly becoming the oldest fanboy on the net. It's not fair!

Well I know Bob Repas (aa2043_at_mumble) is also a 40-something, so maybe you
and he can commiserate or some junk :^) But don't worry, in ten years I'll
probably be in the same situation, unless I get a life between now and

>I can now understand the Fifi fixation of Quozl, the anvil fetish of the
What took you so long? :^)

>A.T.A crowd, and your Babs Bunny adoration.

>Anyway, I wanted to hear your thoughts on Sonic #25.

Give me another week or so...



Date: Thu, 22 Jun 1995 17:58:00 EDT
Subject: STHMMMX

I wrote a story for Sonic '95, too, but the problem is, it's too big to
even import it one book at a time, and I'm too tired to do anything else!


Growing old is mandatory. Growing up is optional.


Date: Thu, 22 Jun 1995 17:57:11 EDT
Subject: Da Story

My friend, Brent "Hedgehog X" Roberts, has been writing an ongoing story
entitled DA STORY. Right now, we're in BOOK 1: THE SONIC SAGA. It's too
big for me to send all at once, so I'll send it one act at a time. The
first one is called The Attack and the Recovery.


Any smoothly functioning technology will have the appearance of Magic.
                                                       - Arthur C. Clarke


Date: Thu, 22 Jun 1995 17:57:14 EDT
Subject: Da Story-Book 1, Act 1

PRODIGY(R) interactive personal service 03/04 9:06 PM

Subject: '94 SONIC:DA STORY

To: ALL Date: 03/01
From: NNFW26B BRENT ROBERTS Time: 10:58 PM

Act 1:The Attack and Recovery
Part 1:The Attack
Sonic T Hedgehog,official protecter of Mobious,destroyed
Robotnick's Death Egg 1 year ago.Now 18,Sonic and Tails live
a carefree life with Sonic's Uncle Chuck,a great inventor.
"Italian plumbers.I hate 'em.And that dog of a dog is the
worst!"Sonic grumbled.
"Sonic,I have to use the bathroom,"complained Tails.
"OK,keed.But use the one by Uncle Chuck's bedroom,"replied
"But there are spiders in there..."
"They're not poisonous!"
Tails shuffled into the bathroom.
"Sonic come here..."
"If you were going to say quick it wouldn't change much!"
Uncle Chuck was holding two pointy shoes and a glowing ring.
"These are for you.You can travel at Supersonic speeds using
them,"said Chuck.
"But what about Speed?He needs them more than me!"
"Speed wouldn't use them.Your brother's as lazy as a
"My brother IS a hedgehog!"corrected Sonic.
Suddenly,there was an earthquake and a ripping sound.Sonic,
holding Chuck,raced to speeds room.
"I've got Sonic,Speed,"suddenly a claw grabbed Chuck,"And
your Uncle,too."
"Robotnik,that's Speed.I'm Sonic."
"Don't think you can fool me,hedgehog.I love watching the
weakest perish!HAHAHA!"Robotnik flew away.Tails entered the
"Was there an earthquake?"Tails asked.
"Worse.We have our work cut out for us,"Sonic replied.

Hedgehog X

PRODIGY(R) interactive personal service 03/04 9:06 PM

Subject: '94 SONIC:DA STORY

To: ALL Date: 03/02
From: NNFW26B BRENT ROBERTS Time: 10:55 PM

Act 1:The Attack and the Recovery
Part 2:Sonic Chaos
Sonic and Tails thought they destroyed the Death Egg and Dr.
Ivo Robotnik.But they were wrong...REALLY wrong!Robotnik
grabbed Sonic's brother Speed and Uncle Chuck,signaling the
start of a 25 act adventure...
Sonic zoomed passed Green Hill...or what was left of it.It
was now polluted and uninhabatanted.Suddenly,Sonic tripped..

"Pweencess Sally,we caught one!"
Sonic opened his eyes.In front of him was a fox with a sword
"I'm no workerbot!Anyway...what's a workerbot?"Sonic asked.
"Oops.I was wrong.You are a hedgehog,no?"the fox asked.
"Yes."Sonic got up...and fell again.This time on purpose.In
front of him was Princess Sally.
"Get up.I'm not a princess of much now."Sally said.
"Robotnik attacked Mobious.There are only a few survivors.
Who are you?"
"Sonic T. Hedgehog at your service."
"YOU were spared?What luck!Maybe we can restore Mobious!"
"We WILL restore Mobious.Uh,how."
"First we must find the Chaos Emeralds.."
"You mean these?"
Sonic pulled out 7 emeralds.
"No Sonic.The emeralds of life.Those are the emeralds of
"Pardon me,my pweencess..."the fox interupted.
"Oops,how rude.This is Antoine,the royal guard."Sally said.
"Yes,but what is the 2nd thing?"Antoine asked.
"Find all the survivors of the attack."
"Let's go!"Sonic said.
Tails finally came out of the tree he was hiding in and
followed Sonic and co.
                                                  Hedgehog X

PRODIGY(R) interactive personal service 03/04 9:06 PM

Subject: '94 SONIC:DA STORY

To: ALL Date: 03/03

Act 1:The Attack and the Recovery
Part 3:"Climb Up a Tree and Act Like a Nut"
     Sonic and Tails THOUGHT they killed Robotnik...until he
took Sonic's brother Speed and Uncle Chuck.After falling
into a trap,Sonic learned that Robotnik cleared out Mobious
and Sonic must get the 6 Chaos Emeralds.
   Tails finally caught up with Sonic."Where are we going?"
he asked.
Sonic stopped,"I dunno',li'l bro'.But I once had them..."
"And you locked them in the secret zone!"Tails interupted.
"If I may interupt,I have heard certain survivors recovered
them after the attack,"Sally said.
"Where'd' ya' hear that?"Sonic asked.
"NICOLE!We can use it to track them down"
Sally whipped out a pocket sized electronic device and
turned it on.
"NICOLE,search for emerald file,access,run data,evaluate."
"The only emerald within the 10 mile radius range is in the
great forest,the only part of Mobious Robotnik stayed out
of,"Nicole said.
"Let's go!"
"NO!Not more speed,"Antoine pleaded.
"Hope you like dust,Ant!"Sonic grabbed Antoine and Sally.

A squirrely cough came from high above a tree.Sonic stopped.
A squirrel came down.
"Stop kicking up so much dust!It should halfway to the moon,
now.Who are you,anyway?Sonic the Hedgehog?"
"Oops,sorry.And that's probably Princess Sally...ha!"
"YES!IT IS!"Sally was gritting her teeth.Sonic eyed the
emerald the squirrel was holding.
"Would you,by any chance,want to join the fight against
Robotnik?"He asked.
"Sure.The name's Minerva.This should be a beautiful
relationship,royalty and heroism..."

Hedgehog X (I erased Sonic...I AM slipping!)

PRODIGY(R) interactive personal service 03/12 8:30 PM

Subject: '94 SONIC:DA STORY

To: ALL Date: 03/06

Act 1:The Attack and the Recovery
Part 4:Cagey Caper
Sonic and Tails THOUGHT they killed Robotnik,until he
kidnapped Sonic's brother Speed and Uncle Chuck.Learning
about the attack that cleared Mobious,Sonic (with some new
friends) started the quest by finding the blue Chaos Emerald
and a squirrely ally,Minerva.
"The red Chaos Emerald is west of this vicinity,in sector
9-3."NICOLE read.
"That's an Aquatic Ruin!It's WAY too dangerous!"Tails
remembered.After pointing this out,Antoine decided to stay
put.Then,without further hesitation,they took off.

Sally accessed some information about the Aquatic Ruins.
"The Aquatic Ruins was an ancient city until it was
destroyed by Robotnik.There are readings of organic life on
"Organic life!Someone still lives!"Minerva shouted.
However,the Aquatic Ruins was now a beach,with no signs of
anything.However,further inspection indicated a metallic
fish...RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM!It had a steel grate in front
and 4 fins.Suddenly,Sonic was sucked toward it."Don't worry,
I have a plan!"Sonic started spinning,but then the grate
opened and Sonic,along with the others,were sucked in.Then
the "fish" returned to the surface."NO!That's not a
workerbot!"A sea lion said.

"That's the second time I was called a workerbot!WHAT is a
workerbot!"Sonic said.
"SONIC THE HEDGEHOG?!What are YOU doing here?"the sea lion
"We came to find a very specific jewel...the red Chaos
Emerald."Sally explained.
"OH!I use that to power my fish!You can have it if you need
it.My name's Rotor.I know Sonic,Tails,and you,but who's
"Squirrel?I'm Minerva."
"Rotor,you are obviously against Robotnik.How would like to
join the Freedom Fighters?"Sonic asked.
"Freedom Fighters?Since when were we called Freedom Fighters
Sally asked.
"Since now.So,Rotor..."
"Okay.Sounds good!"
"There.Now,we have a fox waiting in the Great Forest..."

Hedgehog X

PRODIGY(R) interactive personal service 03/12 8:31 PM

Subject: '94 SONIC:DA STORY

To: ALL Date: 03/10

Act 1:The Attack and the Recovery
Part 5:Singing in the rain...of rocks!
Sonic and Tails saw Robotnik kidnap Sonic's brother Speed
and Uncle Chuck.After learning about his attack on Mobious
and recruiting some Freedom Fighters:Princess Sally,the
royal guard,Antoine,Minerva (a squirrel),and Rotor (a sea
lion mechanic),Sonic must find the last 4 Chaos Emeralds.
"The Underground Zone!That's Robotnik's territory!"
"Sonic,MOBIOUS is Robotnik's territory."Sally pointed out.
"Sonic!I modified the hovercrafts I made before the attack.
We should be able to catch up with you!"Rotor called.
"Cool,Rote.Hang on tight,'cause we're going warp 7!"
With that,Sonic,Tails,Sally,Minerva,and Rotor took off for
the Underground Zone (though Sonic was almost sure he forgot

Once there,they found their first complication...the hover-
boards weren't working right.Sonic was able to get them off
before the hoverboards crashed...but Sonic and the others
landed in a mining cart going downward.They crashed,but no
harm was done.Then a moniter lowered from the ceiling,and
displayed Robotnik's face."Welcome,"he said.

"I believe you are looking for this,"the moniter raised to
reveal the green Chaos Emerald."If you want it take it...
although you will be smashed like a bug,"then,a gate dropped
behind the Freedom Fighters.
"Well,I guess we have no choice!"Sonic took the emerald.True
to Robotnik's word,the ceiling crumbled.
Suddenly,a kangaroo appeared and pushed away the falling
rocks.A rock fell over Minerva,and Sonic crushed it.Then the
kangaroo pushed away the rock about to crush Sonic.And then,
the last rock fell...right on Sally's leg!

"Hmmm.She'll be okay,as long as she stays off that leg,"the
kangaroo said.
"Well,she can't move around a lot.We need to get her in a
safe place,"Rotor suggested.
"THAT'S IT!THAT'S what I forgot...Antoine."Sonic suddenly
"Say,isn't HE in a safe place?"Minerva reminded.
"We'll,let's go back...and take him with us."Sally was
"The name's Leaper."Leaper said.

Hedgehog X

PRODIGY(R) interactive personal service 03/12 8:31 PM

Subject: '94 SONIC:DA STORY

To: ALL Date: 03/12

Act 1:The Attack and the Recovery
Part 6:Discovery of Knothole
Robotnik captured Sonic's brother Speed and Uncle Chuck,not
to mention most of Mobious.Not only that,but Sonic and
Tails,along with Sally,Antoine,Minerva,Rotor,and Leaper,must
collect the 6 Chaos Emeralds.At the moment,though,Sally's
leg is crushed and Antoine is lost!
Sonic,holding Sally,rushed into the Great Forest in search
of Antoine...and proper sanctuary.Sonic's luck shone,
however,when Antoine popped out of the bushes.
"Sally,you must see this.It is magnifeec!"
"Magnificent,Antoine,magnificent,"Sally corrected Antoine.
"Oh,come on."
Antoine led Sonic and Sally to a village.Rotor,Minerva,and
Leaper met them on hovercrafts.
"Ooo.Beaver cottages.How intriguing."Minerva said.
"NICOLE,access beaver dwellings.Might as well know what
we're living in."
"Accessing,Sally.No file on beaver dwellings."
"I hate that word."
Sonic was in one of the huts,lowering Sally onto a bed.
"There.I should be safe here."Sally said.
Sonic went outside."Tails,guard Sally while Rotor,Minerva,
Leaper,and I look for the last 3 emeralds."
"Yes,Sonic.No creepy 'bot will get past me."
"Cool.Now,I'm...wait,I almost forgot."
Sonic went inside and grabbed NICOLE."Mind if I borrow
"No."Sally answered.
"Okay.If you need anything,tell Tails.See ya'!"

Hedgehog X

PRODIGY(R) interactive personal service 03/13 8:03 PM

Subject: '94 SONIC:DA STORY

To: ALL Date: 03/13

Act 1:The Attack and the Recovery
Part 7:Sonic Spinball
Robotnik wiped out Mobious except a few survivors.
Sonic has collected the blue,red,and green Chaos Emeralds.
Sonic needs the pink,,and purple emeralds.
Sonic has 3 new friends:Minerva,Rotor,and Leaper.
Sally is hiding in Knothole with Tails and Antoine guarding.
"MAYDAY,MAYDAY.Unknown user."
"NICOLE,It's Sonic."
"Accessing Sonic.Commencing voice comparison.Hello,Sonic."
"Now how does Sally do this.Hmmm.NICOLE,scan for Chaos
"No emeralds in range,Sonic."
"Do you think they're in the secret zone,guys?"asked Sonic.
"It seems possible,but we don't know yet,"Rotor replied.
"There's only one way to find out.NICOLE,scan for
trans-dimensional warps."
"There are 2 in range.Warp #1 leads to Earth,a terran planet
Warp #2 leads to the secret zone."
"NICOLE,show coordinates of warp #2."NICOLE projected a
holographic map of Mobious in the 100-mile radius range.

"Well,Sonic,it's now or never."Minerva said.
"And it's now.BANZAI!"Sonic leaped into the warp with the
others following.Sonic was spinning,jumping,and leaping off
platforms in no time.Rotor slid on his belly directly into
the goal,and disappeared.Leaper tried to hit the gate with
his head by bouncing off the bumpers...but when he got
there,the maze spun 180' degrees,and Leaper hit the goal.
When Minerva finally gained her balance,she used her tail to
save Sonic from the goal...but after that she slipped again
and fell into the goal herself.However,the gate on Sonic's
side was gone and he hit the emerald,then disappeared.Sonic
joined the other Freedom Fighters on Mobious...with a pink
emerald in hand.

Next:2 more 2 go!
Hedgehog X

PRODIGY(R) interactive personal service 03/20 11:38 PM

Subject: 94 SONIC:DA STORY

To: ALL Date: 03/20

Act 1:The Attack and the Recovery
Part 8:Sonic vs. Thunder
Sorry,there is too little space to print the reminder.You
should know by now.
"The yellow Chaos Emerald is in sector
Just then,something tackled Sonic.He woke up to find a neon
blue hedgehog,also knocked out cold,holding an emerald.Sonic
was just about to grab it when he was electricuted.
"I don't think so.You're going to have to earn my emerald...
in a race."
"A race.Don't you know who I am?"Sonic asked.
"Dead meat!The destination is Green Hill."
Sonic and Thunder got ready.
"We start on three.Ready...THREE!"
Both hegehogs were off.However,the stranger got ahead of
Sonic by 1 foot per second.Sonic knew that Green Hill wasn't
exactly around the corner.He thought of Green Hill and his
last moments with Uncle Chuck,gazing at the power ring...

THE POWER RING!It was still in Sonic's backpack,and in great
shape.Sonic got it out,and focused on it's power.Sonic shot
out at warp 2...twice the other hedgehog's speed.
Startled,the other hedgehog shot a lightning bolt from his
fingers,which hit Sonic's power ring.It absorbed the power,
sending Sonic warp 3.Not only that,the shot made the neon
hedgehog fall to see Sonic standing on top of Green Hill.

Sonic met up with the other Freedom Fighters,then carried
them to where the glow-in-the-dark pincushion <G> fell.They
coaxed him to talk."I was captured by Robotnik.I was due
after some other old hedgehog was robotisized.But right
before the process was completed,he messed up the control
box.He was robotisized,but I was electrified."
"What's your name?"Minerva asked.
"I don't know.I didn't know anything until the emerald made
me remember the essentials."
"Well,I name you Lightning,after that SHOCKING display of
power."Rotor cracked.He didn't know Lightning would accept
the name.He also joined the Freedom Fighters...though
everybody expected that.

P.S.Kate,you're coming in next time,so be patient!
Hedgehog X

PRODIGY(R) interactive personal service 03/21 9:59 PM

Subject: 94 SONIC:DA STORY

To: ALL Date: 03/21

Act 1:The Attack and the Recovery
Part 9:Kate's Creation
If you don't know what's going on,WHY THE HECK ARE YOU
READING THIS STORY!Don't worry,you'll eventually catch on!
Sonic didn't have time to check with NICOLE.Immediatly,when
the emeralds got close to each other,they flew away...with
Sonic trying not to get ahead!

The emeralds went into Sonic's hut.Then they started banging
on Chuck's closet.Sonic never opened the was
forbidden.But Sonic,and the other Freedom Fighters opened it
and saw a white Chaos Emerald...the final emerald.And was in
Sonic's house!Why didn't Chuck tell him.Then,it started
"Where have you five been?"It said.The Freedom Fighters were
too surprised to comment.
"Oh,I can talk.That feels good.Thanks!"The red one said.
"Aren't you going to introduce me to your friends?"The white
one asked.
"We don't know them.They should introduce themselves to
us...of course,we all know Sonic."the yellow said.
"I'm M-m-minerva,not too mention one scared squirrel girl!"
"I'm Rotor,a handyman."
"I'm Leaper...KEEP AWAY!"
"I'm Lightning...or am I?Oh,I get so scrambled sometimes."
"Well,I am the white Chaos Emerald,head of language.See why
the others didn't talk before?"
"I'm the red emerald,head of power...If Rotor didn't use me
as a battery."
"I'm the yellow emerald,head of knowledge."
"I'm the pink emerald and all I do is transportation."
"I'm the green emerald,the height choice!"
"I create things,take for instance Mobious.And now,I think,
is a time for creation..."
"Relax.We'll start this one's life as an adult."
The emeralds gathered in a circle and spun.Then they gave
off a charge to the middle.It took shape and then the energy
turned into a human,which dropped on the ground.
"Darn.She's only 11."The pink commented.
"It's alright.If she's not defective now,she won't be later.
Remember..."the yellow was interupted.
"No,I refuse to remember.Let bygones be bygones."Pink said.
The human got up."Hello.I'm,I'm...who am I?"
"Kate.Kate Chaos.And,you're not a rebel...thank goodness!"
Then,the door shattered,and Robotnik stepped in...

PRODIGY(R) interactive personal service 03/24 8:32 PM

Subject: 94 SONIC:DA STORY

To: ALL Date: 03/23

Act 1:The Attack and the Recovery
Part 4:Escape from Robotropolis
Filled with anger,Sonic charged at the man who captured his
family.The,he was captured by nets from tall,dark robots.
"Ah,Sonic.I see you've met my SWAT-bots,"Robotnik smirked...
The red emerald flew into Kate's hand.She aimed it at a
SWAT-bot,and an energy bolt zapped it.The SWAT-bot was
destroyed.Then,the wall broke down.Millions of SWAT-bots
were in front of the hut.Lightning and Kate zapped all they
could,but they eventually ran out of juice.The Freedom
Fighters were overcome.

By listening to Robotnik's babbling,Sonic learned they were
in Robotropolis...dark and polluted.They were carried off to
be robotisized and turned into workerbots.Sonic still didn't
know what workerbots were.
"After you learn your fate,you will become my mindless
slaves.I'll start with you,Speed,"Robotnik decided.
"I'm Sonic I tell you.Speed wouldn't have had so many
"It doesn't matter.You'll both be hedgehogs with bolts in
your neck..."CRASH!Robotnik was interupted by something
shaking the tower in which the Freedom Fighters were
imprisoned."What was that?"
Robotnik looked out the window.He saw a purple hedgehogs
spiny head.A cambot spyed on it,and Robotnik monitered the
mysterious hedgehog close-up.And then the hedgehog found it.
"Don't look behind you,"he warned.Robotnik looked at the
elevator.There,at the ready with lasers,were Sally and
Tails.Sally gave Robotnik a blast that knocked him back a
little."That's for my leg.HEY!"Sally was grabbed by a
SWAT-bot.Tails blasted it,and then a transport-bot crashed
through the window right into the robotisizer controls!
The hedgehog stepped out.He looked exactly like Sonic,but he
was smaller and purple."Hello,am I late?Oh,it doesn't
matter."Then,he pulled the jail bar switch and the Freedom
Fighters were free.

There wasn't much time for questions.The elevator arrived
with 3 SWAT-bots,and flybots were attacking.Kate and
Lightning blasted bots.Minerva used Tails's blaster (which
she was skilled with).Rotor used his screwdriver and slashed
the SWAT-bots.Sonic,Tails,and the guest of honor spun
through the flybots.Laser shots filled the tower.
Robotnik escaped through the trashed transport-bot.More
flybots and more SWAT-bots entered.Finally,Rotor whipped out
his remote control for the hovercrafts and called them.
"Who are you?"Sonic asked the hedgehog.
"Just call me Hedgehog X.WHOA!"the ledge Hedgehog X backed
into crumbled,taking him with it.Then the hoverboards
arrived and the Freedom Fighters made a retreat.
"Friends,"Sally started,"we did a lot today.We banded
together to stop Robotnik.We formed the FREEDOM FIGHTERS!"
"Yah,we did a lot today.Let's go home and take a rest."Sonic
suggested.And they did just that.END OF ACT 1 Hedgehog X


From: (Dan Drazen)
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 1995 18:26:25 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Sonic '95? (was: Re: STHMMMX)

> I wrote a story for Sonic '95, too, but the problem is, it's too big to
> even import it one book at a time, and I'm too tired to do anything else!
> ><
> Growing old is mandatory. Growing up is optional.

What, pray tell, is Sonic '95? (Looks like I came in on the middle of a
thread). The last time I tried my hand at fanfic, I had to post it in
12 installments. So how big is big? Details, I want details!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled rodent.
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From: (Dan Drazen)
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 1995 18:23:26 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Over the Hill Hedgehog Fans

> >From: James Walt <>
> >I used to be a normal person, (YOU! hush) before I got caught up in the
> >STH discussions. Now I haunt the newsstand waiting for the next issue to
> >appear. I'm quickly becoming the oldest fanboy on the net. It's not fair!
> From: Ron Bauerle
> Well I know Bob Repas (aa2043_at_mumble) is also a 40-something, so maybe you
> and he can commiserate or some junk :^) But don't worry, in ten years I'll
> probably be in the same situation, unless I get a life between now and
> then...

From: Me

Looks like there are some other old codgers on the list with me after
all! My own odometer rolled up 43 years last December. I don't know
how old Jim or Bob are, but there's my claim to "oldest fanboy" honors.

BTW, I'm clueless about #26 so far; apparently the distribution network
isn't too prompt about shipping to southwest lower Michigan -- or at
least, my corner of it. #25 only reached here the beginning of June, so
I expect #26 will be catching my eye by the 4th of July.

Let me know when they announce the Bunnie miniseries.
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From: (Dan Drazen)
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 1995 18:34:45 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: I'm new at this...

> Hi, I'm Thad "X" Boyd, and I'm new at the Mailing List thing. I couldn't
> find any FAQ, so I'm trying to get through to the rest of you. Hopefully,
> I'm sending this to the right address...

You want a FAQ? Happy to oblige. I, BTW, am the keeper of the FAQ
File...or one of the files, at any rate, having had to split this one
into three. Hope you enjoy.

> I guess I may as well tell you a little about myself. I'm on the Fraudigy
> (I guess you'd call it Prodigy if you hadn't seen any bills yet <G>)
> network, and have fairly limited Internet access. I'm a member of two
> Sonic clubs (for those of you who run *Fee*, if any, one's in the Sega
> Clubs topic on the Video Games BB; the other's in the Cartoon/Furry/Humor
> topic on the Comics BB), and I write a lot of stories about the Freedom
> Fighters. In Sonic '95 (the one on the VGBB), we've made up a multitude of
> new characters (or, in my case, stolen some from other areas that have
> nothing to do with character is Mega Man X).
> ><

Turnabout being fair play:

I access the Internet through a connection at the university where I
work (I work in the library, and as a professional librarian with
faculty rank I get an e-mail outlet). I am not a member of any clubs,
and the local sysop has locked out all the* groups, so I have
to resort to the mailing list. Why I took it upon myself to do the FAQ
File I'll never know but it's a great experience. Having merely read
about the process of the canonization of the Old Testament in a course I
took on Intertestamental Judaism, I find it fascinating that there are
parallels in the currently-ongoing work of putting together the StH

My one contribution to fanfic, "Bloodlines," is available for viewing on
David Pistone's web page. The original characters in that one are
products of my own imagination. I'm going to try posting another story
some time in July.

Looking forward to having you on the list.
We now return you to your regularly scheduled rodent.
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Date: Thu, 22 Jun 1995 18:46:23 -0400
Subject: Re: Da Story

In a message dated 95-06-22 18:27:51 EDT, (MR THADDEUS R
BOYD) writes:

>Any smoothly functioning technology will have the appearance of
> - Arthur C.

   Funny, I heard it was "Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic." But anyway, it would be nice to have some new
stores. I've been working on one, but I'm not quite sure if you'll like it.
 The reason is because it starts a war. Since Robotnik is gone, there's
really nothing to do so I thought I'd start a war with Snively (and I brought
Packbell back also). If there are any objections let me know now so I can,
uh, "fix" it.


   "If they still don't get it, explain it to them in terms of pain."
   -Paul Toth


Date: Thu, 22 Jun 1995 16:24:35 -0700
Subject: Your .sig

>Hurry Star Force... To Iscandar! The Earth only has 252 days left!

What is this, a Macross reference?

Brian I.


From: (Dan Drazen)
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 1995 19:22:03 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Sonic FAQ 2/3

NOTICE: The fact that episode and story summaries appear here
means there is a good chance that you will encounter spoilers.
This is your only notice!

          1. First Season: 1993-94

Super Sonic
Writer: Jules Dennis
When Nicole malfunctions, Sonic and Sally go to Robotropolis to
get replacement parts. While there, they discover the Forbidden
Zone and a being named Lezar. Lezar causes Sonic to lose his
speed abilities, and teaches him that he can still accomplish
things without it.

Sonic Boom
Writer: Len Janson
While on a mission in Robotropolis, Sally intercepts a message
which includes the use of her father's pet name for her. They
follow the lead to the Dark Swamp and the remains of Ironlock
Prison. In the process, a freedom fighter named Cat is captured.
The freedom fighters gain maps to Robotropolis, but the search
for Sally's father proves futile.

Sonic and Sally
Writers: Pat Allee and Ben Hurst
Before becoming the principle writers for the second season,
Allee and Hurst wrote this account of Sally's capture by
Robotnik's forces. Sonic rescues what he thinks is Sally but
what is instead a robot double. Back in Knothole, Tails begins
to doubt Sally's behavior because of small details, such as how
she reads a bedtime story. After first dismissing Tails' fears,
Sonic also comes to realizes he's been dealing with a "Stepford

Hooked on Sonics
Writer: Randy Rogel
In an attempt to impress Sally, Antoine tries to capture Robotnik
by himself. He attempts to lure Robotnik into the open with the
offer of a power ring, but Antoine is himself captured and Sonic
has to rescue him.

Ultra Sonic
Writer: David Villaire
While on a raid in Robotropolis, Sonic finds his Uncle Chuck as a
robot worker in a crystal mine. Uncle Chuck recovers his mind
and will long enough to help destroy a giant crystal which would
have damaged the ecosystem of the entire planet. As Uncle Chuck
loses control of his will, Sonic vows to return for him.

Sonic's Nightmare
Writer: Frank Santopadre
The freedom fighters are captured and held on a deserted island
refinery. Sonic must not only rescue them but he also has to
deal with a recurring nightmare where he unable to prevent
Sally's being roboticized.

Warp Sonic
Writer: Matt Uitz
The freedom fighters discover an underground civilization called
Lower Mobius and one of its citizens, Griff. Lower Mobius draws
energy from a power crystal, but it is weakening. Feigning
friendship, Griff visits Knothole and steals the power stone
which is the source of the power rings. After fighting off some
mechanical rats, the power stone is retrieved. Griff apologizes
for his theft and is given a portion of the stone to aid Lower

Harmonic Sonic
Writer: David Villaire
After Robotnik launches a robot-manned orbiting space station to
locate Knothole, the Knothole freedom fighters use a rocket
booster to reach and destroy it.

Sonic and the Secret Scrolls
Writer: Janis Diamond
The freedom fighters journey to Mauga (sp?) to recover some
legendary scrolls, but Robotnik is tailing them. Robotnik's ship
is hurled off a plateau by a violent wind, and the Knothole gang
mistakenly believe he is finished. Will they make the same
mistake at the end of the second season?

Writer: Barbara Slade
Sonic discovers a stream of water that makes plants grow at a
fantastic rate. In their search for the source, the Knothole
gang discover a subterranean creature whose habitat has been
disturbed by Robotnik's drilling operations.

Heads or Tails
Writer: Len Janson
On a raid of Robotropolis, Sonic runs into Muttski, his now-
roboticized pet dog and vows to return him to normal someday.
The freedom fighters also have to contend with a squadron of
Buzzbombers carrying an orange defoliant [Agent Orange?
Hmmmm...] intent on destroying the Great Forest and exposing
Knothole. Artwork in this ep is decidedly off-model.

Sonic Past Cool
Writers: Kayte Kuch & Sheryl Scarborough
Tails finds a baby terrapod and the freedom fighters escort the
terrapod herd to Boulder Bay, where they will be safe from

Sonic Racer
Writer: Len Janson
While on a mission to disable Robotnik's power generators, Sonic
is tempted into participating in a contest against a super-fast
robot designed to capture him. While he engages the bot, Bunnie,
Sally and Antoine go after their target: Robotnik's back-up

          2. Second Season: 1994-95

Game Guy
Sonic rescues someone from capture by Robotnik; he turns out to
be Ari, a freedom fighter from another group. Ari directs Sonic
to a place which turns out to be a trap. Sonic manages to escape
(after Robotnik toys with him), but Ari--whose comrades were
roboticized and who was himself deceived by Robotnik--is sucked
into the Void. Before falling into the Void, Ari says something
about a list of other freedom fighters.

Sonic Conversion
To my way of thinking, THE breakthrough episode for the series!
The Knothole gang test a deroboticizing process on Bunnie, whose
partially-roboticized body is returned to normal. Sonic then
goes after Uncle Chuck and is able to convince him to undergo the
process. However, the process turns out to be only temporary as,
in a poignant scene, Bunnie reverts to a half-robot. When Uncle
Chuck reverts to robotic form, he captures Tails and Antoine for
delivery to Robotnik; Sonic confronts him and manages to break
the hold on Uncle Chuck's mind. Uncle Chuck returns to
Robotropolis to work as a spy for the Knothole gang.

No Brainer
Sonic's thought processes are temporarily scrambled while on a
mission in Robotropolis. Taking advantage of the situation,
Snively convinces Sonic that they are friends. The disruption
wears off just as the Knothole gang face imminent capture.

Blast to the Past (two parts)
Dulcy takes Sonic and Sally to a floating island where they use
the Time Stones to return to Mobotropolis on the eve of the
planet's conquest by Dr. Robotnik (then known as Julian,
affiliated with the War Ministry and supposedly in charge of its
dismantling). They also encounter themselves as 5-year-olds and
learn that it was Sonic's Uncle Chuck who had perfected the
roboticizer process in the first place, though Julian/Robotnik
stole the process. Sally and Sonic work to keep their child
selves from being roboticized, to prevent the Great Forest from
being destroyed, and to make sure that Sally's nanny, Rosie,
would not get captured.

Fed Up With Antoine/Ghost Busted (back to back episodes)
Feeling unappreciated, Antoine allows himself to be made "king"
by a group of renegades, unaware that with the office comes the
"honor" of being an entree./While out camping, Sonic's ghost
story panics Tails, and Antoine once more demonstrates his

Dulcy begins having overpowering urges to fly to Dragonsnest, a
nesting site for female dragons. She, Sonic and Sally, arrive
just as Robotnik has captured another female dragon; they then
discover the dragon's egg inside Dragonsnest. Taking the egg
back to Knothole, they rescue the female dragon who returns in
time to hatch the egg.

The Void
Sonic discovers an opening to the Void while out in the "Great
Unknown" [another name for the Forbidden Zone?]. Sally and
Bunnie are put under a spell and pulled into the Void by a
sorcerer named Naugus, who had been imprisoned there years before
by Robotnik and who needs Sonic's speed to escape. Sonic learns
what has happened from Nicole and allows himself to be pulled
into the Void. Attempting to rescue Sally and Bunnie, he is
tricked into rescuing what he thinks is Sally's father but is
really Naugus. Sonic returns to the Void and finds not only
Sally and Bunnie but the King and Ari as well. He brings them
all out, but Naugus and the King have spent so much time in the
Void that their bodies cannot handle living on Mobius. Naugus
breaks off his tormenting of Robotnik, and Sally's father gives
her the list of other resistance groups. On the whole, Sally
goes through the emotional rollercoaster ride of her life.

The Odd Couple/Ro-Becca (back to back episodes)
After a crash landing by Dulcy leaves Sonic homeless he moves in
with Antoine, who predictably gets bent out of shape by Sonic's
lifestyle./Rotor cobbles together a robot which develops the hots
for Antoine.

Cry of the Wolf
The Knothole freedom fighters search for and discover the Wolf
Pack, the remnants of an ancient race who are now one of the
other resistance groups. After several unsuccessful attempts to
destroy a test pod from the Doomsday Project, Sonic draws it into
a lightning storm and destroys it.

Drood Henge
Sonic and Tails discover an archaeological dig by Robotnik; they
learn from Nicole that the object of the search is the Deep Power
Stones, and that Robotnik has recovered one of the two. Tails
comes up with a plan to retrieve the second stone before Robotnik
can get to it.

On the eve of final preparations of the Doomsday project,
Robotnik begins to suspect that there is a spy in his midst.
Uncle Chuck's cover is blown, but he escapes capture and goes
back underground with a different cover.

In the season finale, a combined force of the five freedom
fighter groups tries to destroy the Doomsday project. Robotnik,
however, seems to have too many safeguards built in. As a last
resort, Sonic and Sally use the Deep Power Stones. The Doomsday
project is destroyed; Robotnik's fate is uncertain but Snively is
ready to step into his shoes in a burst of megalomania and
overacting. Cliffhanger: who or what does Snively have to help
him? We'll never know: ABC chose not to run StH for a third

     SONIC: Jaleel White
     SALLY: Kath Soucie
     NICOLE: Kath Soucie (uncredited)
     TAILS: Bradley Pierce
     BUNNIE: Christine Cavanaugh
     ANTOINE: Rob Paulsen
     ROTOR: Mark Ballou (1st season)
                    Cam Brainard (2d season)
     DULCY: Cree Summer Franks
     UNCLE CHUCK: William Windom
     ROBOTNIK: Jim Cummings
     SNIVELY: Charlie Adler

     (First season):
     David Doyle
     Gaille Heindenmann
     Dana Hill
     Danny Mann
     Jason Marsden
     Charlie Schlatter
     Frank Welker

     (Second season):
     Shari Belafonte: Lupee (?)
     Michael Bell: Naugus (?)
     Crystal Cooke
     Tim Curry: Sally's father; Keeper of the Time Stones
     Dave Fennoy
     Dorian Harewood
     John Kassir
     Katie Leigh
     Nancy Linari
     Victor Love
     Tahj Mowry
     Hal Rayle
     Alaina Reed Hall
     Lindsay Ridgeway
     April Winchell

Want to contact DiC? Write or phone:

303 North Glenoaks Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91502
(818) 955-5400
(818) 955-5696 (FAX)


From: (Dan Drazen)
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 1995 19:22:52 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Sonic FAQ 3/3



Now, direct from the Great White North, Brad Clark summarizes the
original Sonic miniseries:

Issue 0
     "Don't Cry For Me, Mobius"
Story: Michael Gallagher, Art: Scott Shaw!
     Sonic is chased by Dr. Robotnik. After the chase, which
Robotnik loses, Sonic returns to Knothole where most of the main
characters are introduced for the first time. (Note: Rotor is
referred to as "Boomer.") Antoine then announces that there is a
leak in Knothole (Knothole is located underground in this issue)
that is caused by Robotnik. Sonic defeats Robotnik with a power
     "The Royal Family of Mobius"
Takes place before Robotnik was in power and has Sonic and Uncle
Chuck running a chilidog take-out stand. Robotnik destroys the
stand and captures Muttski and Uncle Chuck. Sonic meets Sally
(with yellow hair and red fur) who introduces him to the rest of
the freedom fighters in Knothole.

Issue 1
     "Run, Sally, Run"
Story and art: Gallagher & Shaw!
     Sally [this time with pink fur and black hair] goes to see
Robotnik about the return of her father. Robotnik captures Sally
and almost throws her into the "Robo-machine." Sonic rescues
Sally only to discover that Sally had wanted to get caught in
order to gather information on the roboticizer, using some
special boots designed by Boomer/Rotor.

Issue 2
     "A Crowning Achievement"
Gallagher & Shaw! again.
     Sally decides to wear the "Crown of the Acorn Kings" which
belonged to her father, but the crown is missing. They discover
a robotic freedom fighter who tells them that Robotnik has stolen
the crown and has scattered its jewels (the four Chaos Emeralds)
throughout the land. Sonic retrieves the emeralds and
Boomer/Rotor repairs the crown.

Issue 3
     "Sonic Flashback"
Gallagher & Shaw!
     Sonic and Robotnik recall when they were kids. Uncle Chuck
invents the power rings. Sonic and Robotnik have an argument,
and it escalates until Robotnik is constructing mechanical
monsters out of Uncle Chuck's appliances. Sonic then wakes up --
it was all just a daydream -- and resumes being chased by
     "Why Ask Spy"
     Sonic is made to look like a robot to trick Robotnik and to
destroy one of his factories. In the process, Sonic discovers
Uncle Chuck and Muttski who have both been roboticized. Sonic
destroys the factory.

[Summary by Erich Schulman]

"Sonic Under Glass"
     It appears that Sonic and Sally are tying the knot, having
defeated Robotnik once and for all. In reality, Robotnik has
lured the freedom fighters to a place called Sleepy Hollow. Once
there, they were gassed, put into a sleep, and trapped inside a
virtual reality glass dome. As all their fantasies have come
true, nobody wants to escape. Uncle Chuck arrives and reveals to
Sonic that he is embracing, not Sally, but a broom. Sonic hates
to disappoint his friends, who are all so happy, but decides to
get back at Robotnik. Sonic gets Robotnik's war machines to
reverse course and attack the big guy, so Robotnik reluctantly
kills the VR software. Sonic and Sally are reunited, and Sonic
concludes that virtual reality is a nice place to visit, but....

"The Man From H.E.D.G.E.H.O.G."
     Robotnik comes to the conclusion that there is a spy in his
midst, since so many of his missions have failed. Thinking that
he has found his spy in a mole, he uses the Wheel of Misfortune
to randomize his plans to destroy Mobius. On Robotnik's first
spin, he lands on "undersea bank heist." Robotnik's lackey's
find only an empty vault and the freedom fighters waiting for
them. The same thing happens after two more spins. Robotnik
finally thinks he has Sonic captured when Sonic and Sally visit
Robotnik's casino [Boy, I hope this makes more sense in the
comic! DJD], but Sonic narrowly escapes. Belatedly, Robotnik
realizes that the Wheel itself was rigged.

     Sonic-Grams: Aside from now-obsolete announcements, it is
stated that Sonic is 15; that Sally is a squirrel (not
necessarily a ground squirrel); that Antoine was a donor so that
Tails would be able to fly [Yeah, right!]; that Sonic was just a
little slow rescuing Bunnie from the roboticizer. On a more
useful note, Archie Comics confesses that due to inadequate
modelling information, their Sally was a different color from the
SatAM version, a situation which has since been rectified.

#18 [Jan 1995]:
     "Wedding Bell Blues"
Robotnik gets word of Sonic and Sally's impending wedding and
plans an attack.
     "In the Still of the Night"
While trying to determine the nature of the mysterious orb (cf.
"First Star....", #17), Sally is called to the bedside of her old
mentor, Julayla, just before she dies.
     Sonicgram: includes statement that Sonic is 15, and a German
fan disses Dave Manak's artwork

Sonic: In Your Face #1 [1995]
     "Sally's Crusade: The Quest"
The orb is revealed to be a casing surrounding Nicole. Sally,
with the others in tow, searches for what turns out to be
Julayla's last testament. The significance of this document is
spelled out in a "flashforward" at the end of the story.
     "Mirror Zone"
An excuse to practice backwards lettering.
     Sonicgram: Sally's age is given as "about 15." [Note, if
you're going to guess a lady's age, guess on the low side ;-) ]
     "Tails' Tallest Tale"
Tails substitutes for Sonic, putting in an appearance at a con.
His exaggerations almost get him into trouble. Artwork by

#19 [Feb 1995]:
     "Night of a Thousand Sonics"
In order to defeat Robotnik's latest scheme, Sonic has to call in
as many versions of himself from as many parallel universes as he
can. Artwork by Manak for the first half, Mawhinney for the
     Sonicgram: The name of Sally's father is given as "King
Acorn" (but see FAQ #5). Scott Fulop hedges on when Knuckles
will make an appearance and whose side he'll be on. Again, Sally
is identified as a "ground squirrel." Hint is dropped as to a
Sonic motion picture in the works.

#20 [Mar 1995]:
     "That's the Spirit"
Exposure to an antimatter explosion renders Sonic invisible;
Sally and the others [Tails being the exception] believe he is
dead. The comedic pacing and Manak's artwork mar what otherwise
might have been a very poignant story. Great line (Sonic to
Robotnik--who thinks he's dealing with a ghost): "Give Mobius
back to the freedom fighters, lose weight and get a hairpiece!"
     "Deadliest of the Species"
[Prologue to the Princess Sally miniseries]
While on a sabotage mission, Sally is confronted by someone
claiming to be part of a rebel underground.
     Sonicgram: Once again lists Sally's age as 15.

#21 [Apr 1995]:
     "3 Phases of E.V.E"
Pat Spaziante debuts as a story artist. Robotnik unleashes
E.V.E. ["exceptionally versatile evolvoid"] to capture Sonic. As
Sonic manages to outsmart E.V.E., it simply adapts to another
form to compensate. Sonic lures it to Robotnik's headquarters
where, assuming a self-conscious form, E.V.E. determines that it
is being held back by its biological inheritance from Sonic and
Robotnik [i.e., individual cells used in E.V.E.'s creation].
E.V.E. toasts Robotnik, but thanks to some quick thinking by
Sonic--apparently, Sally's influence is rubbing off on him ;-) --
E.V.E. spares Sonic and travels out into space on a journey of
self-actualization. Is Robotnik really history? That's the
tease--stay tuned, probably until after the Sally miniseries.
     Sonicgram: announcement of the delay in rolling out the
Sally miniseries; another special issue (48pp) due out in May.

#22 [May 1995]
"The Return," written by Ken Penders, art by Pat Spaziante &
Harvey M.

The story opens with Sonic & Sally MCW (Married with Children;
cf. the end of "Sally's Quest" in _In Your Face #1_). Sonic &
Sally are out with the kids when, during a lightning storm, an
apparition of Robotnik appears and just as suddenly disappears.
Have your pencils and scorecards ready to try and follow the
remainder of the plot: Robotnik is actually on a satellite
talking with Robo-Robotnik from "Night of a Thousand Sonics,"
(#19), only in this case only the consciousness of Robo-Robotnik
(hereinafter "R-R") remains resident. Robotnik convinces R-R to
teleport him back to Mobius, where it turns out Snively has
activated an alternative Doomesday device which would go off if
Robotnik was ever defeated. Robotnik actually deactivates
"Operation Wasteland" himself to keep from being ruler over
nothing and to have the pleasure of saying to Sonic: "You owe
me!" Robotnik and Sonic MWC are declared to be at a stalemate.
What about R-R? Who knows? Muddled story saved by Spaziante

"Tails Knighttime Story," written by Angelo Decasare, art by Dave
Manak & John Dagostino.

As Tails grumps about "get[ting] baby-sat" while Sonic has all
the fun and adventures, Sally tells him a bedtime story wherein
Sonic is Sir Runalot and Tails is his page who "borrows" his
armour one day and who, mistaken for the aforementioned knight,
ends up doing battle with Sir Knightmare of Robotannia (guess
who?) until the real Sir Runalot saves

Sonicgram: the comics should get a FAQ File, since two letters
pepper them with questions (most are answered: "Keep reading."
Translation: "we're working on it!"). The cover of Princess
Sally #2 in an ad on the same page differs from one which appears
on p. 17 of the same issue(!), thus bolstering the "creative
differences" theory in Q7.

#23 [Jun 1995]
"Ivo Robotnik, Freedom Fighter"
     Story: Angelo Decesare; Art: Dave Manak
Sonic, Sally, Rotor, Tails, Robotnik and Snively are all captured
by Car-Heem, a giant alien who wants to study them. In order to
save Robotnik from "disposal," Sonic convinces Car-Heem that they
are interdependent species, a novelty to the autonomous Car-Heem.

Thanks to a diversion by Sonic, the others escape their
confinement in a craft of Robotnik's design. Although Robotnik
blows Car-Heem and Sonic out of Car-Heem's spacecraft's airlock,
Rotor retrieves them. In gratitude, Car-Heem returns everyone to
Mobius and Rotor, inspired, releases the inhabitants of his ant
farm [Heavy Message]. There's also a really bad pun which I'm
not going to reveal.
     Do-It-Yourself Sonic Contest winners announced.
     Story: Angelo Decesare; Art: Dave Manak
Antoine ventures into Robotropolis alone to retrieve Tails' lost
backpack with a power ring in it. Bunnie shadows him just in
case. Surprising last panel gives the impression that Antoine
isn't exactly clueless.
     Sonicgram: Further indication that Knuckles will put in an
appearance in the next Sonic special, though no hint as to his
allegiance; look for an appearance by Knack the Weasel [c.f., the
Triple Trouble game] in the same issue.

#24 [Jul 1995]
"When Hedgehogs Collide" (in 4 parts)
Script: Mike Kanterovich & Ken Penders
Art: Dave Manak (Parts 1 and 2); Art Mawhinney & Rich Koslowski
(Parts 3 and 4)
     Part 1 is taken up witnessing antisocial behavior on the
part of Sonic, Sally, Tails, Antoine and Rotor. Part 2 is the
exposition as to what's happening: Evil Sonic from "The Good, The
Bad and the Hedgehog" [Sonic #11] (hereinafter referred to as
"the Antisonic," as in "the Antichrist") is looking for some
action, so he rounds up the "gang" consisting of the Antisally,
the Antitails, the Antirotor and the Antiantoine. They take the
Cosmic Interstate to Mobius, dress like their counterparts and
begin doing some damage. So where have the Good Guys been all
this time? Sonic, Tails and Antoine had been sent by Rotor into
"negative reality" though they were unable to penetrate "the Zone
of Silence" (aka, The Void) where Sally's father is being held.
Sally's been out on a mission with the trainees (cf. the Sally
miniseries). Everyone arrives back in time to incur the wrath of
their fellow Mobians. In disguise, they come upon the gang about
to terrorize some more Mobians. The first fight turns into a
draw until Sally realizes that there's no way they can defeat
their other selves, who would be able to anticipate their
strategies. So it's "Change partners!" as play is resumed: Sonic
punches out the Antisally (this frame alone is worth the price of
admission!), Sally defeats the Antiantoine, Antoine stops the
Antirotor, Rotor defeats the Antitails, and Tails gets the better
of the Antisonic. Since the Antisonic got what he came to Mobius
for (a fight), the gang agrees to return to their homeworld
     I guess the ol' doppelganger plot device worked so well in
Sonic #11 they decided to dust it off and run it past us again.
A valiant effort marred by two Plot Holes and a Serious Omission:
     PH#1: If Sally could figure out that fighting themselves
would get them nowhere, wouldn't the Antisally have reached the
same conclusion? Then again they might have spent the entire
issue second-guessing each other.... ;-)
     PH#2: On the homeworld of the Antisonic the SWATbots do all
the work and "kindly ol' Robotnik is a grade-A wimp!" At least,
according to an exposition by the Antisonic. This then leads us
     SO: Where's Bunnie? Despite a "Sonic + Bunnie" graffiti
carved into the desk of the Antisonic [along with "Sonic +
Sally," "Sonic + Nicole"--THAT I'd like to see!--and "Sonic +
Sonic"], Bunnie's legion of fanboys will be disappointed to learn
that she doesn't put in an appearance in this comic, either as
Bunnie or as the Antibunnie. If indeed Robotnik is more
benevolent on the Antisonic's homeworld, does that mean that
Bunnie would be intact (i.e., not partially roboticized) there?
Interesting question but one that Kanterovich and Penders
conveniently sidestepped for the moment.
     SonicGram: information on two upcoming "special" issues: the
48-page Sonic & Knuckles special will include a solo Knuckles
effort and a lead story involving Knuckles' floating island, and
the "Silver Anniversary" issue #25 featuring Mecha Sonic from the
CD game (artwork by Spaziante). There's a list of "Do-It-
Yourself Sonic Contest" winners who have moved and left no
forwarding address. Two fan letters to Knuckles, plus word that
Tails will have his own miniseries coming out in the fall.

Sonic & Knuckles 48 page special
(based on summaries by James Firmiss)
"Panic in the Sky!"
     The Mobians living on the western shore of "the Great
Continent" [you'd think that Mobians would have come up with
another adjective besides "Great": viz.: the Great Forest, the
Great Swamp, the Great Unknown, etc. See also the "all-purpose"
use of the word _hriar_, or "thousands" by rabbits in Richard
Adams' _Watership Down_. But I digress....] are alarmed by the
approach of a floating island. Sally and the gang realize that
the island is on course for Knothole; Sonic explains to the group
(for the first time!?) that he and Tails were on the island a
while back and met Knuckles. Antoine flies Sonic and Tails in
the turboprop, dodging antiaircraft fire from the underside of
the island. After landing on the island, seeing giant mushrooms
and avoiding some traps, Sonic falls into one trap and again
meets Knuckles. Since this is the second time Sonic has been
caught trespassing, Knuckles is about to send him over the edge
of the island. Tails tries dropping a rock on Knuckles from
above to avoid this from happening, but it ends up that Tails has
to rescue both Sonic and Knuckles by airlifting them to safety.
     It appears that Robotnik is "hijacking" the island by
somehow draining the energy from the Chaos Emerald which keeps
the island afloat. Already having established a presence on the
island, Robotnik has installed weapons on the underside and plans
to use the island as a flying fortress to attack Knothole.
Knuckles won't allow the island to be used this way; he smashes
the Chaos Emerald. With the island losing altitude, Robotnik
abandons it, expecting that it'll still smash into Knothole
(though how he suddenly knows of Knothole's location is unclear).

But Knuckles replaces the "real" Chaos Emerald just in time--I'd
tell you how he switched it with a phony one which was the one he
broke, but I don't understand it either. Knuckles turns down an
invitation to join the Knothole gang; part of his stewardship of
the island now involves disarming it since Robotnik is gone.
"Fire Drill"
     Knuckles investigates an explosion on the island, suspecting
that it's Sonic. Catching just a glimpse of an intruder, he
follows him to places unfamiliar even to him(!). As the trail
leads off the edge of the island, he still thinks it's Sonic;
however, we catch a glimpse of a shadowy presence still on the
island. Could be a Chaotix character, could be Nack the Weasel,
check out the Sonic-Gram in issue #23 for a hint.
"Lord of the Floating Island"
     While patrolling the island on a windy day, he spots a lost
joey (baby kangaroo) names Bengy. The kid asks Knuckles to bring
back the sky; Knuckles explains that there's an eclipse in
progress and that's what's causing the winds. They avoid a pack
of (biped) dingoes as Knuckles goes into further exposition about
the island-- how it's a paradise which some parties (Sonic and
Robotnik) want to change. They eventually find Bengy's mom.
Knuckles' exit line: "This is my island! And I live to protect
and serve!" The entire story appears to exist to supply needed
exposition and to nudge Knuckles closer to the Good Guy category.
     No SonicGrams, but announcements: Sonic #25 will have a
silver ink cover and feature Mecha Sonic; dated August '95. Also
slated for that month: a Sonic Triple Trouble 48-page special
featuring Nack the Weasel; it will also include a Sonic v.
Knuckles story, a Knuckles solo story, and a Tails solo story.
Another 48-page special -- Knuckles Chaotix -- is schedules for
November '95. Solo Knuckles stories will appear in Sonics #31-33
(Feb-Apr '96) and a Knuckles 3-parter will begin Jan '96.

"Go Ahead...Mecha My Day" (the only story in this issue)
Story: Mike Gallagher
Art: Pat Spaziante
based on summary by James Firmiss
     In a bow to the CD game, the story focuses on the freedom
fighters' discovery of the Collision Chaos Zone, a "zone portal."
Robotnik tries to lure Sonic into the zome portal by kidnapping
his #1 fan: Amy Rose, the pink hedgehog (remember her?). Based
on her dialogue on page 14, I'd describe her in Foghorn Leghorn
terms: "Nice kid, but about as sharp as a sack full of wet mice."

Tails investigates from the air and is captured instead. To
rescue both Amy and Tails, Sonic must race through the new zones
and do battle with Robotnik's Mecha-Sonic. Spaziante's artwork
of Sally in this issue is surprising, in that her shape has
gotten...well, more shapely. I don't remember her having that
much of a bustline in issue #21!
     Still no SonicGrams; another repeat announcement of the
Triple Trouble and Chaotix specials, as well as the Knuckles and
Tails miniseries. Also staff artwork.

Princess Sally Mini-series #1 [April 1995]
     Summary by Ron Bauerle
"Deadliest of the Species!" written by Mike Kanterovich & Ken
Penders, art by Art Mawhinney & Rich Koslowski.

Opens with a nice splash page summarizing the struggle so far and
describes the main characters (get this: "Antoine is renouned for
his military skills" - okayyyy...). Next it recaps Sally's
meeting Geoffrey St. StH #20.

Sally & Geoffrey are attacked by SWATbots after destroying the
facility and manage to beat them off [hey, Ron, let's leave their
private lives out of this ;-) ] and exchange some banter in the
process (I can't call it friendly but it's not really sarcastic
either). They then head back to the camp where some young
trainee freedom fighters are waiting for Sally. Geoffrey
mistakes them for enemies and jumps a pig (Hamlin) but they're
separated by Sally. This establishes some bad blood between
Hamlin and Geoffrey that continues all issue.

The team proceeds to its next target (an energy substation) and
after battling SWATbots and ORBbots manage to destroy it. During
the battle Geoffrey saves Hamlin's life but Hamlin still doesn't
trust him. That night, when everyone else is asleep, Geoffrey
slips away, activates a teleportal, enters some kind of building
and descends to its basement where he speaks to a figure in a
glass case: Sally!?

Also some fan art: two pics of Sally & Bunnie (both NBD), and one
of Sally as a dominatrix (!).

Princess Sally Miniseries #2
     (Summary by Erich Schulman): The story opens with a fight
between St. John and Hamlin, and Sally gives Hamlin a scolding.
To reach the third, undestroyed substation, the freedom fighters
use a new (!?) technology: hang gliders. Arlo's hang glider is
hit by the defenses and he is wounded in action; Penelope
volunteers to stay with him.
     Once inside, Sally and St. John are attacked by an octopod,
and everyone barely manages to escape the explosions. Upon
leaving, they find that Sally and Penelope are gone. Sally says
they will return to camp without them (to which Hamlin is
opposed), and they never show up again.
     Did you have your doubts about St. John? That night, St.
John replaces Sally with a lookalike robot and delivers the real
Sally to Robotnik.

Fan mail (singular; only one letter appears):
Will Sonic and Sally marry? "Could be." Has Sally met Knuckles?
She will in a forthcoming 48-page S&K special. Does Sally have a
mother, and if so what does she look like? "Of course...her
origin may yet be told." Or [shameless plug] you can read about
it in "Bloodlines" in the fanfic section of Rotor's homepage.

"Deadliest of the Species, Part III"
Story: Mike Kanterovich & Ken Penders
Art: Art Mawhinney
(Summary: James Firmiss)

(Recap of parts 0, 1 and 2 omitted)

     Sally, Hamlin and Dylan are fighting their way into
Robotropolis with paint guns and grenades (blinding SWATbots).
Dylan believes that attacking at half strength isn't wise, yet
they press on. Hamlin nearly falls from a collapsing catwalk but
Sally rescues him.

     They eventually reach their objective, break down the doors
and find...Robotnik, St. John and Sally (in the container).
Hamlin believes Geoffrey to be a traitor so he jumps him. Sally
breaks it up and says she and St. John are on the same side.

     Robotnic reveals that Sally is an auto-automaton, a perfect
robot duplicate, and that there was no weakness in the defense
system. His master plan is to replace key members of the freedom
fighters--we see auto-automatons of Sonic and Tails being built.
Robotnik also plans to roboticize the Sally delivered to him by
St. John.

     Robotnik begins the roboticization process but the chamber
blows up because a "feedback loop" has occurred. Something which
is impossible unless...he were trying to roboticize a robot! The
real Sally was with Dylan and Hamlin.

     Sally tries to 'arrest' Robotnik, but large StealthBots
emerge from the walls and capture the freedom fighters. Note:
you could see the outlines of the StealthBots 5 pages back. St.
John pushes a button on a remote control and a vehicle burrows
its way up through the floor. Out pop Penelope, Arlo and three
"moles". They help free Sally, Dylan and Hamlin (more paint
guns). Robotnik manages to activate a 30-second self-destruct
and disappears down an escape chute. Sally and the others all
head for the vehicle maintenance area and grab saucer-shaped air
cars (from Hanger 18! X-P ) and get out with no time to spare.
With everyone back at the base, Hamlin, Penelope, Arlo and Dylan
are promoted to full-fledged freedom fighters. Sally tries to
convince Geoffrey to come to Knothole but he declines in order to
rejoin the Rebel Underground. He does engage Sally in some
serious lip-locking before they part.

     If you're not confused yet, here's a run-down of the plot-
twists, as Sally explains them at the end:

     The FIRST Sally switch occurred right at the beginning of
Part 1 shortly after meeting St. John. St. John really was the
leader of the "Rebel Underground" and acted as a double agent in
order to gain Robotnik's trust and activate the robot double
prematurely in order to find out what its plans were. It was the
auto-automaton Sally that helped attack the 2d and 3d
substations. It was such a good copy that it could give orders,
make hard choices, and even grieve for missing comrades. But did
you notice the two clues that would have tipped you off that this
was an automated Sally:
     1. "Auto" Sally wore a purple vest instead of a blue one.
     2. "Auto" Sally referred to Geoffrey by his first name,
     while the real Sally always called him "Mr. St. John."

     The SECOND Sally switch occurred in Part II, when Robotnik
(and the reader) was supposed to think that Sally was being
replaced by a robot double.

     And what about Arlo and Penelope? They were taken away by
the moles from the literal Rebel UNDERGROUND. The Rebel
Underground was also supposed to be backup in case anything
unexpected happened.

"This is definitely one of the most complicated stories Archie's
Sonic group has ever come up with. Congrats...." JF

SallyGram: Horace Hawkins (14) wishes Sally a Happy Valentine's
Day, and expresses the desire to be her boyfriend.

                         LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD!
Scott Fulop (Editor) asks if there is interest in a MONTHLY Sally
comic. If so, send a postcard with the following:

          Give me Princess Sally.

to: SallyGrams
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NOTES FROM THE NET: that's the heading suggested for comix-
related posts to a.f.s-h by none other than Paul Castiglia of
Archie Comics. Seems P.C. thinks that NftN would make a good
subsection of the Sonic Grams, and said so in a recent post. The
idea is that you can post to a.f.s-h, and your post (and e-mail
address if you want) will be reprinted in NftN. But ONLY if you
specify that it's for NftN. Apparently Archie Comics is still
getting a feel for whether they should go ahead with the plan, so
let's see some support for it! Hmmm, wonder if Sally's e-mail
address is ?


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     Michael Teitelbaum, _Sonic the Hedgehog_ (c)1993; _Sonic the
Hedgehog: Robotnik's Revenge_ (c)1994; _Sonic the Hedgehog:
Fortress of Fear_ (c)1994: Mahwah, New Jersey: Troll Associates.

_Sonic the Hedgehog_ synopsis:
Note: Any resemblance between this book and the original comics
miniseries shouldn't be surprising; what IS surprising is how far
from the TV series this is. Herewith, the "Cliff's Notes"

Ch.1: At the beginning, Sonic is 7, Robotnik is 15, and both are
staying with Uncle Chuck (you get some idea of how non-canonical
this is going to get!). While Robotnik is only interested in
gadgets, Sonic is only interested in running fast. While Uncle
Chuck works on perfecting a power ring, Robotnik cannibalizes
parts from Uncle Chuck's old tractor for a robot. When Uncle
Chuck starts up the tractor, it goes out of control and heads for
Robotnik. Ch. 2: Sonic interrupts a game of one-against-nine
baseball to move the tractor which has pinned Robotnik and Uncle
Chuck. He's able to move it with the power ring and he takes
both Robotnik and Uncle Chuck to the hospital. Ch. 3: After
being released from the hospital, Uncle Chuck and Robotnik return
home. Robotnik's robot confesses to Uncle Chuck that he was put
together with the stolen tractor parts, and Robotnik is grounded.
Robotnik cobbles together another robot from Uncle Chuck's major
appliances; it grabs Uncle Chuck but Sonic defeats it by wrapping
it up in a garden hose. Robotnik leaves. Ch. 4: "Eight years
passed." Sonic, 15, has a pet dog, Muttski, and works as a
delivery hedgehog for his Uncle Chuck's chili dog stand. Sonic
tests his new sneakers (designed by Uncle Chuck) while filling a
large order, but in his absence Robotnik returns and arrests
"Uncle Chuck" and his robots trash the stand. Ch. 5: Sonic
delivers the chili dogs to an old factory, walking into a trap.
He escapes and returns to what's left of the stand. He destroys
a couple of robots who try to capture him and learns that
Robotnik is responsible. He heads off for Robotnik's factory.
Ch. 6: Stopping in the forest just outside the factory he
encounters "a cute little chipmunk girl": Princess Sally Acorn.
She shows Sonic a short-cut to the "Ro-Bo-Machine." Ch. 7:
Reaching the fence around the factory, Sonic sees that Uncle
Chuck has already been roboticized. Sally tries to stop him, but
Sonic goes over the fence. Ch. 8: Sonic goes into Sonic Spin and
takes out the SWATbots. With Sally's help, they get Uncle Chuck
and Muttski and head for the Great Forest. Ch. 9: Sally leads
them to "Knothole Village" which is "under the forest floor."
(cf. Sonic #0). Sonic uses a power ring to restore Uncle Chuck
and Muttski. None of the other Freedom Fighters are introduced.

_Sonic the Hedgehog: Robotnik's Revenge_ synopsis: one of the
Knothole freedom fighters is captured by Robotnik and used as
bait to lure Sonic into a trap. In this case, the victim is
Bunnie, and the story supposedly explains how she came to be
partially roboticized. This account is at odds with the
explanation in the comics. In addition, both Uncle Chuck and
Muttski in this book has been successfully deroboticized (see
above), which conflicts with "Sonic Conversion" and, in fact, the
rest of the second season.

_Sonic the Hedgehog: Fortress of Fear_ synopsis:


     Martin Adams, _Sonic the Hedgehog and the Silicon Warriors_
(c)1993; _Sonic the Hedgehog in Castle Robotnik_ (c)1994; _Sonic
the Hedgehog in the Fourth Dimension_ (c)1993; _Sonic the
Hedgehog in Robotnik's Laboratory_ (c)1993: London: Virgin.

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From: (Dan Drazen)
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 1995 19:21:21 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Sonic FAQ 1/3

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|====================== THE SONIC FAQ FILE =====================|

June 23, 1995 edition

Compiled by: Daniel J. Drazen
Contributors: Chris Baird; Ron Bauerle, Brad Clark, James
Firmiss, Maureen Furniss, Craig Moore, Michiyo Nakajima, Paula
O'Keefe, Eric E. Pearson, Jeff Pegnato, David Pistone, Alessandro
Sanasi, Erich Schulman, Fred Sloniker, Andy White, Shawn Wolski

Address all comments, corrections, contributions and flames to:

[Note: There WILL be spoilers. You have been warned. DJD]

Q8: Does anyone have a theory about Sonic's speed?
Chris Baird may be onto something, and it looks like he wants to
force the issue by asking Archie Comics about "The rumor going
around the Internet that [Sonic] got his speed from falling into
a vat of power rings when he was a baby."

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Q1: How did Tails come to have two tails?
Q2: Is "Tails" his real name?
Q3: Is Tails related to Sally? He calls her "Aunt Sally" quite
Q4: I can't figure out what kinds of animals some of the
characters are supposed to be.
Q5: "Sally Acorn?"
Q6: How old are the characters supposed to be?
Q7: What happened to the Princess Sally miniseries?
Q8: Does anyone have a theory about Sonic's speed?
Q9: Why didn't ABC renew Sonic for a third season?


Q1: How did Tails come to have two tails?
A: The writers of Sonic comics solicited reader responses to this
in issue #___; the replies were printed in issue #___. They
range from transplantation to mutation. The latest entry is in
the Sonicgram of #22. They state that Tails just happened to be
born that way--with no other comment (thus illustrating the
difference between an Explanation and an Answer). At this point,
there is no "official" explanation as to how Tails got that way,
so you're pretty much free to believe what you like. Personally,
I prefer the theory that it is a mutation, induced by Robotnik's
pollution of Mobius. This would accord with the fact that Tails
had not been born when Robotnik took over (cf. Q6).

Q2: Is "Tails" his real name?
A: No, his real name is "Miles Prower" (you have to say it
sorta fast to get the joke). That was his name when he was
introduced on the front screen of the Sonic 2 video game. Tails
was given as his nickname, and it stuck.

Q3: Is Tails related to Sally? He calls her "Aunt Sally" quite
A:This argument has been put forward by the "Sally is a fox" camp
(see below). However, if that were true, then he'd also be
related to Bunnie, as he's been known to address her as "Aunt
Bunnie." For that matter, it seems that everyone in the Knothole
gang refers to Sir Charles Hedgehog as "Uncle Chuck," though he's
technically only uncle to Sonic.

While it was not explicitly stated in either the comics or in the
cartoons, it has to be kept in mind that all of the freedom
fighters' families were disrupted by Robotnik's takeover of
Mobius. It's safe to assume that they all have had relatives who
have ended up being roboticized. As a result, they have become
not so much a paramilitary resistance group as a loose-knit
family. Sonic, for instance, clearly relates to Tails as if the
latter was his little brother, the difference in species

Q4: I can't figure out what kinds of animals some of the
characters are supposed to be.
A: Admittedly, it's trickier to spot some species in the series
than others. Herewith is the list:
Sonic and Sir Charles. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .hedgehogs
Bunnie . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . rabbit
Tails. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .fox
Rotor. . . . . . . . . . . . . .walrus (sea lion, cf. Teitelbaum)
Antoine D'Coolette . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .fox
Sally Acorn. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ground squirrel/chipmunk
Sally's father . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .fox

The identification of Sally as a ground squirrel is based on
extended discussion of the topic on Internet { and
rec.arts.animation). She was also declared to be a ground
squirrel in the comics, most recently in the Sonicgram of Sonic
#19. As for the designation "ground squirrel/chipmunk", which
has been questioned by at least one correspondent, I entered it
this way on the assumption that the two terms were synonymous. I
have consulted a dictionary, which states that the term "ground
squirrel" applies to several kinds of rodents, including the
chipmunk genus _Tamias_. Given the present ambiguity, the
designation will remain as is.

Despite this, controversy continues. Identifying Sally's species
has been particularly vexing to some fans, especially those who
reason that since Sally's father is clearly a fox, then she must
be one herself. It is possible that Sally takes after her mother
in this regard more than her father. Cross-species mating is a
definite possibility, and an example is implied in the
"flashforward" at the end of "Sally's Crusade" [Sonic: In Your
Face #1].

At this point, the identification of Sally's nanny, Rosie,
remains ambiguous. Given her buck teeth, she could be either a
beaver or a woodchuck. Since she is always shown wearing a long
cloak, I've been unable to spot the character beaver tail. Final
identification is still pending.

Q5: "Sally Acorn"?
A: This is how she was identified as far back as the beginning
of the comics [Sonic Miniseries, #0, Mar 1993]. Technically,
royalty do not have surnames or family names in the accepted
sense; rather, the title of the personage tends to serve the
purpose. Her middle name, Alicia, is apparently seldom used (cf.
"Blast to the Past," part 1). If you wanted to be grandiose
about it, Sally's formal title would be: Sally Alicia, Princess
of the House of Acorn. But in any event it's unlikely that
Sally's formal title will come back into use so long as Robotnik
is in charge.

Q6: How old are the characters supposed to be?
A: According to the TV series ["Blast to the Past: part 1"]
Sonic and Sally were both 5 years old when Sally's father was
overthrown and Robotnik took over. Two other age clues were
given in the "Drood Henge" episode: that Tails was 10 years old,
and that Sally wouldn't "come of age" for another two years.
At one point, Sally's age is explicitly given as being 16,
though the comics reportedly put both at age 15. Subtracting 5
from 16 leaves the number of years Robotnik has been in charge:
11. Thus, it would appear that Tails was born after the fall of
the House of Acorn. Still, the simplest way out of this dilemma
would be to put the age of majority on Mobius at 17 instead of
18; that would eliminate the extra year differential without
altering the stated ages of Sonic and Sally (in the comics) or of
Tails (in "Drood Henge").

Q7: What happened to the Princess Sally miniseries?
A: Archie Comics was supposed to roll out a three-part
miniseries starring Sally as the main character. The story
actually began with "Deadliest of the Species" in Sonic #20. The
cover art for the miniseries, however, differed in subsequent
advertisements: one cover for the first issue prominently
featured Geoffrey St. John, while another did not. The third
issue cover either does or doesn't feature Sally doing battle
with a clone of herself, depending upon where you see it. Two
different versions of the cover for #2 appeared in Sonic #22.
The fact that the Sally creative team PLUS Archie Comics PLUS
Sega reportedly came together to discuss "improving" the series
(as reported in the Sonicgram for Sonic #21) would seem to
indicate that someone had come down with a case of "creative
differences." In any event, the "improved" Sally miniseries began
shipping the week of Feb 13.

Q8: Does anyone have a theory about Sonic's speed?
A: How, in other words, is Sonic able to run so fast? Apparently
the same way you get to Carnegie Hall in the old joke: practice.
I'm serious; here is the only print explanation I've come across
so far: "Years ago, when things were right on Mobius, there lived
a hedgehog named Sonic.... Sonic was only interested in running
as fast as he could. Every day he practiced." [Michael
Teitelbaum, _Sonic the Hedgehog_. Mahwah, NJ: Troll, 1993, pp.7-
8]. And that's the extent of Teitelbaum's explanation. Thanks a
heap, Mike! Chris Baird may be onto something, and it looks like
he wants to force the issue by asking Archie Comics about "The
rumor going around the Internet that [Sonic] got his speed from
falling into a vat of power rings when he was a baby."

Q9: Why didn't ABC renew Sonic for a third season?
A: There are now three answers to this question -- one appears to
be definitive, but the other two are more fun. Believe what you
1) ABC got clobbered in the SatAM ratings because the show was up
against the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers on Fox. This sounds
Plausible and has the facts on its side: after the November sweeps, ABC
moved StH to 8:00 am (Eastern) so it was opposite "Dog City" on Fox.
But just in time for the February sweeps, Fox shifted MMPR to 8:00.
More effective than any Doomsday device, unfortunately.
Source for this
item: someone from within the offices of Archie Comics, as posted
2) DiC allegedly screwed the pooch by releasing StH animation
cels onto the market without clearing it with Sega. Upon
learning of this, Sega took umbrage that its property was being
sold without its consent or agreement to a cut of the action (can
you say "anal retentive"?). Words were exchanged and the show
was effectively cancelled.
3) ABC's kidvid programming has lately been adhering to a policy
of "two seasons and out" for shows. Though it's possible that
some ideas only last two seasons because they're kinda bankrupt
to begin with.


End of sonic V1 #42

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