RE: Super Sonic?

From: Ron Bauerle <>
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 1995 16:51:29 -0400 (EDT)

>From: James Walt <>

I'm CCing this to my mini-Sonic list plus the "real" one FWIW; hope that's

>I haven't heard anything about the latest Sonic The Hedgehog issue from
>the peanut gallery. (or anywhere else it seems)

I just sent you 4 comments on 25 from the list, plus one on 26. I haven't
made any myself because I haven't picked my copies up yet :^( However, I
did scan through 25 the other day in a bookstore, and...

>I thought that there
>would be a cute-off between Dot Warner and Amy Rose Hedgehog fer sure.

Well, neither compare to Babs/Fifi/Bunny/Sally... I'll be picking up my
copies probably this weekend and may have more to say after that.

>I used to be a normal person, (YOU! hush) before I got caught up in the
>STH discussions. Now I haunt the newsstand waiting for the next issue to
>appear. I'm quickly becoming the oldest fanboy on the net. It's not fair!

Well I know Bob Repas (aa2043_at_mumble) is also a 40-something, so maybe you
and he can commiserate or some junk :^) But don't worry, in ten years I'll
probably be in the same situation, unless I get a life between now and

>I can now understand the Fifi fixation of Quozl, the anvil fetish of the
What took you so long? :^)

>A.T.A crowd, and your Babs Bunny adoration.

>Anyway, I wanted to hear your thoughts on Sonic #25.

Give me another week or so...


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