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"Sonic Under Glass"
The Freedom Fighters finally defeated Robotnik, and Sonic and Sally are
getting married. But Robotnik reveals that he actually lured the Freedom
Fighters to Sleepy Hollow with promises of chili dogs. There, he put them
to sleep with gas and then trapped them inside a virtual reality glass dome.
Inside the dome, all their wishes are fulfilled so no one will even think of
escaping. Suddenly, clocks start melting (huh?), Sonic is holding up a
broom, and Uncle Chuck comes calling. Uncle Chuck explains what happened to
everyone. Sonic wants to get back at Robotnik, but also doesn't want to
because everyone else is so happy. He decides to go for it, and makes
Robotnik's war machines reverse course and head back toward Robotnik.
Without alternative, Robotnik kills the virtual reality software. Sonic and
Sally are reunited, and Sonic decides virtual reality is not a good place to
live in.

"The Man From H.E.D.G.E.H.O.G."
Robotnik realizes there must be a spy in his midst because so many of his
missions have failed. For a moment, he thought he found his spy (a mole).
He brings in the Wheel of Misfortune as a way to randomize his schemes to
destroy Mobius and prevent word of his plans getting back to Sonic.
Robotnik spins, and the wheel lands on "undersea bank heist". Robotnik's
lackeys go out to do the job and discover a note in the vault, and the
Freedom Fighters are right behind. Robotnik spins again, and the wheel lands
on "daring daylight art robbery". Once again, Sonic is there, as is another
note. Robotnik spins again, and this thime the wheel lands on "mindless act
of terrorism". And, once again, Sonic and a note appear. Sonic and Sally
go to Robotnik's casino, and he thinks he has Sonic. Actually, he does for
a moment, but Sonic is rescued in time. Finally, Robotnik realizes his
wheel is rigged and that he's still not uncovered the spy. In the next
panel, we see a building whose sign identifies it as "Secret Intelligence
Headquarters". Inside are Sonic, Sally, and the owl Harvey Who, the head
of secret intelligence.

Sonic-Grams notables--
(The announcements are now obsolete are omitted here.)
1. Sonic is 15 years old.
2. Sally is a squirrel (but not specifically a ground squirrel). Antoine
gave his tail to Tails so that Tails would be able to fly. Sonic rescued
Bunnie from the roboticizer, albeit a little late. The comic Sally and the
cartoon Sally were different colors because, early on, Archie Comics didn't
have much information to go on as to what Sally should look like.

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