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Got S&K #1 yesterday... I figure I'd type this up..
How come these summaries seem to be getting longer and longer?


Archie Comic's "Sonic and Knuckles 48-page Special #1" Summary:


"Panic in the Sky"
Script: Mike Kanterovich & Ken Penders
Pencils: Art Mawhinney (Ch1) & Dave Manak (Ch2)
Inking: Rich Koslowski
Lettering: Mindy Eisman
Coloring: Barry Grossman

"Fire Drill" "Lord of the Floating Island"
Script: Ken Penders . . . . Ken Penders
Pencils: Ken Penders . . . . Harvey Mercandoocasio
Inking: Jon D'Agostino . . . Harvey Mercandoocasio
Lettering: Bill Yoshida . . . . Bill Yoshida
Coloring: Freddy Mendez . . . Freddy Mendez

Cover Art: Patrick Spaziante Editor: Scott Fulop
             Harvey Mercandoocasio Managing Editor: Victor Gorelick
Covor Color: Heroic Age Colors Editer in Cheif: Richard Goldwater
[Special thanks to Jennifer Hunn at Sega]

On with the Summary:

A while back I said I wasn't much of an art critic since I thought all the
artists did a fine job.. however I have to say I like the way Knuckles was
drawn much better in "Panic in the Sky" over the other two stories. I think
its in the way his eyes were drawn.

My comments are in {{ }}

warnign spoilers warning spoilers warning spoilers warning spoilers

-- Panic in the Sky! --
 [ Part 1 ]
The approach of a floating island disrupts the people on the western coast
of the "Great Continent"*. Back at Knothole, Sally and the crew hear of
these reports and see the island is heading straight for Knothole**. Sonic
walks in with Tails and tell the others its the Floating Island they were
on a few months back*** where they met Knuckles the Echinda.

They head out in their TurboProp**** flown by Antoine to investigate the
island and why its come to Knothole. On the way there they're nearly shot
down by guns mounted on the bottom. The guns are avoided by flying above
the island's horison and Sonic parachutes (while Tails just flies) down to

They see Brobdignagian*5* fungi [Giant Mushrooms] and have to avoid a few
hazards (pendulums and ax-weilding bots) but Sonic falls into a trap where
he once again sees Knuckles.

[Part 2]

Sonic is hanging onto the side of a cliff while Knuckles is about to step
on his fingers since this is Sonic's second trespassing offense. Tails
saves the day (sorta) by trying to drop a rock on Knuckles from above.. this
sends both down the edge of the clif and nearly into dangerous waters.
Tails eventually airlifts both of them*6* to safety. Knuckles grudgingly
thanks Tails and Sonic explains that the island's been 'hijacked'.

Knuckles takes Sonic and Tails down to the Chaos Chamber (where the Chaos
Emerald which holds up the island resides). They see its energy is being
syphoned by none other than Robotnik himself!

Robotnik reveals his plan (since its too late to stop him*7*). He burrowed
in from the underside of the island and added thrusters and weapons. He'd
use it as a flying fortress and use energy from the Chaos Emerald to power
weapons ment to wipe out the freedom fighters.

Knuckles, as guardian of the island can't allow his island to be used this
way and decides to smash the Chaos Emerald. With the island falling
Robotnik makes a hasty retreat... he thinks he still won since the island
is about to crush Knothole*8*. Knuckles breaks out a spare*9* emerald and
replaces it in time.

Sonic asks Knuckles if he'd like to land the island and join the Freedom
Fighters. Knuckles declines saying he has his own problems and responsi-
bilities and takes the island away so he can remove Robotnik's weapons.

Lots of Footnotes:

* They give the impression Arlo, Penelope, Hamlin and Dylan (i.e. Freedom
  Fighters from Princess Sally Miniseries) live here.

** This is weird. The freedom fighter's headquarters is looking alot like
  Robotnik's place.. suprisingly high-tech for a rebel underground.

*** Sonic and Tails say they were on the island months ago... You mean after
  all this time they didn't tell anyone?

**** I've never been much on military markings but doesn't that plane have
  U.S. WWII markings.. maybe its their way of celebrating V.E day 50th aniv.

*5* What's "Brobdignagian" mean you ask? Brobdignag?.. Jonathan Swift?..
  Gulliver's travels!?... READ A BOOK DAMMIT! -- READ A BOOK!

*6* He's lifting two guys bigger than he is? Tails is going to need some
  BenGay for his rump after that one.

*7* That's what all evil villans say :)

*8* It looks like Robotnik knows where Knothole is... Also, there are alot
  of visible huts in what used to be an 'underground village'.

*9* Knuckles later says it wasn't a spare.. he swapped emeralds, broke a
  'fake' one and replaced the real one. There's really was no reason for
  him to tell Sonic he had a 'spare' emerald since Robotnik had already
  left... He could've just told him he swapped emeralds right then and
  there. (Or he could've just stuck to his lie).

-- Fire Drill --

Knuckles hears a loud 'KA-THOOOM!' from near the beach and he flies over to
investigate. He spots the intruder in some bushes but its gone when he
jumps it. He suspects its Sonic since whoever it is MUST be very fast.

Knuckles follows the trail around to places on the island even HE doesn't
know about (apparently his father never revealed ALL of the island's secrets).

The trail eventually leads off the edge of the island. Knuckles still thinks
it was Sonic up to no good... "Good riddence (just wait'll next time)"

[ In the last panel we see that the invader is still on the island. Only
the shadow of a hand is shown as he says to himself... "This was only your
first lesson and I can see already you have a lot to learn! Class is now
in session..." ]

{{ I have no idea who this mysterious person is.. the arm looks too skinny
   to be Robotnik's though. maybe a Chaotix character.. maybe Nack the
   Weasel. I can't say.
   I liked this story... it had a mysterious feel to it. }}

-- Lord of the Floating Island --

We see Knuckles patroling the floating island on an unusually windy day
when he spots a confused baby kangaroo. He lands to keep the joey company
while they search for mom. Bengy (we find out his name later) knows
Knuckles watches over the island and asks him to bring back the sky.
[Its unusually dark during the day.. yet there are few clouds]. Knukles
explains that what's happening is an 'eclipse' and that's probably whats
causing the unusual winds.

After avoiding a herd of (biped) dingoes Knuckles explains a bit more about
the island to Bengy... how its a paradise yet there's been visitors who'd
like to change that [namely Sonic and Robotnik].

As the eclipse ends and the winds die down they meet up with Bengy's mom.
Knuckles flies off.. "This is my island! And I live to protect and serve!"

{{ There really wan't a whole lot too this story. All it really shows
   is that Knuckles isn't really such a bad guy after all. }}


No SonicGrams but there's a few announcements:

Sonic Issue #25 (Aug. '95) will feature:
  Sonic vs. Mecha Sonic (From Sonic CD) and Silver Ink Cover {{ woowoo }}

Sonic the Hedgehog in Triple Trouble 48-page Special [on sale Aug. '95]
  Introducing "Nack the Weasel". Featuring all-out brawl between
  Sonic-n-Knuckles, a Knuckles Solo Story, and a Tails Solo Story.

32X - Knuckles Chaotix 48-page Special [on sale Nov. '95]

Knuckles Solo Stories in Sonic Issues #31-33 (Feb. '96 - Apr. '96)

Knuckles 3-part Miniseries beginning Jan. '96.

{{ My note: Archie Comic's 'On Sale' dates tend to be faithful (or try to
   be) but the dates put on the issues tend to be 'two months early'
   [i.e. Sonic #24 is the July issue but came out in May] I guess this
   gives them some 'breathing room' in case something crops up.. e.g the
   last minutes "Princess Sally Miniseries" changes }}


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