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sroyals for each of the dark Wizard's toys wrecked. You've made a
pretty penny today, Son-ak, and I merely thought you'd like to
collect it."
     "Your mistress. And who is that? For that, who are you?"
     "I," replied the rabbit, "Am Captain Bunnie, in service to
her Highness, the Princess Salar-Alicia of House Acorn, and leader
of her Royal Guards. And I already... ah... 'heard' of you,
hedgehog. You want your fifteen royals or not?"
     Son-ak grinned. After weeks of boredom, things were looking
up. A good fight, gold to refill his almost empty purse, and he'd
met a female of both obvious bravery and courage-- and, not that he
allowed himself to notice, beauty as well. Yes, perhaps his
fortunes were changing for the better...

     To the east, a massive form shuddered. A hand clutched a
glittering stone, and a quiet snarl escaped thick lips.
     "Sniv. To me. Now."
     The shadows produced a short, black swathed figure. "My
     "Something in the west has destroyed three of my iron golems
in as many moments. And when I am about to begin my true plans,
that is an ill matter. Ill indeed...You are my master spy, Sniv
the Quiet. Go forth, go and learn what causes me such concern at
this time."
     "As you command, Master." The figure melted back into the
     And Roboth-amon, the Dark Wizard of the East, mused on the
possibility-- for the first time-- that his designs might be in

     to be continued...
    Sorry for the fractured chapter... I just learned that my board
allows only 150 lines per message. (Oh, brother.)
              Robert haynie

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