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Date: Thu, 4 May 1995 19:51:25 -0400 (EDT)

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>This question pertains to Archie Comics Sonic issue #24 and would be
>considered to contain a spoiler if you want to know nothing at all about
>the story before reading the comic yourself. My copy finally arrived today.

Here's a form feed for extra protection :^)

>Does anyone know the name of the squirrel attacked by "Sally" in the
>beginning of the story?

No, but she is kind of cute (no Buttermilk Slappy though...)

This gives me an excuse to offer my review of this issue:

When Hedgehogs Collide!

written by Mike Kanterovich and Ken Penders
Pencils by Dave Manak (Chapters 1 and 2) and Art Mawhinney (Chapters 3 and 4)
Inks by Harvo (??) (Chapters 1 and 2) and Rich Koslowski (Chapters 3 and 4)

The story opens with Sonic, Sally, Antoine, and Tails all mistreating
various members of Knothole (which is somewhat oddly shown as kind of a
medieval village - various vendors selling stuff in the "town square", etc.
Also, Antoine's mischief involves a sports car - since when does anybody
run around in motorized vehicles?)

Chapter 2 reveals that these 4 are really the evil imposters from the
alternate universe seen previously in issues 11 and 19. Apparently
Robotnik is a "kindly ol'... grade-A wimp!", and the SWATbots do all the
work, so life is boring (at least for bad guys like these). So they
decided for kicks to come to "our dimension" (rather handy how they can hop
on the "cosmic interstate" whenever they want) and make trouble for our
heroes. Drooling fanboys should note that this chapter has a few shots of
the evil Sally in leather... Also, that Tails and Rotor have facial
stubble; I didn't know furries could do that :^)

Chapter 3 begins with a major continuity glitch as Sonic, Tails, and
Antoine come through Rotor's "Timespace Matter Projector" (TM) back from
"negative reality", but couldn't "pierce the ZONE OF SILENCE where Robotnik
exiled Sally's dad KING ACORN!" ???? Nice exchange between Sonic and
Nicole here...

Sally almost catches them talking about their attempt, and there's a brief
reference to the Princess Sally Miniseries story. However, before either
can talk about (or evade :^)) these topics, the angry villagers attack them
thinking they're the bad guys. Our heroes escape to figure out what to do...
(Note: Tails flies off with Antoine, Sally hitches a ride with Sonic, and
Rotor flies off with a jetpack.)

The "Sonic art" pinup is nothing special.

Part 4 has the imposters attack again, but this time wearing their
"leathers"; the villagers _still_ don't get it... The first panel shows
a rabbit mother and her son running away from them. This is as good a
place as any to note that Bunnie doesn't appear in this issue :^(

The imposters decide to attack a band of "poor innocent gypsies" who,
natch, are our heroes in disguise. We get to see how handy Sally is with a
bow and arrow, then your basic fight scene as everybody goes hand-to-hand
(paw-to-paw?) with their counterparts. However, they are too evenly
matched, so Sally yells "Change partners!" and this does the job.

The story ends with our Sonic telling evil Sonic "game over - you lose!"
and he gets the reply: "Shows how much YOU know, pretty boy! I got what I
came for! A fight!" and then he faints. Sally asks Sonic how he can live
with himself, and he replies "Confidentially, Princess, it ain't easy!"

The announcements section on the letters page has a plug for the Sonic &
Knuckles comic, plus the fact that the 25th issue will be an adaptation of
the CD Game featuring Mecha Sonic!! Covers for both are shown; with I was
more enthused about either...

Nothing special in the fan letters, but the reply to one notes that the
Tails mini-series will be on sale next fall. (Do they mean _this_ fall?)
(actually, it was probably _last_ fall when they wrote that, so this fall
was really last fall's next fall - have I lost everybody yet? :^)
There was a nice exchange between Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck along that line
one time - I wish I had a transcription of it.)

That's it; I hope this was worth the half-hour it took me...


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