Run with the Fox, Part 7

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Run with the Fox
A Sonic the Hedgehog Story
by Kris Kelley

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Part 7.

     An ear-splitting scream filled the room. Sonic, Sally, and
Bookshire turned around to see Tolouse sitting up, eyes shut tight and
voice in full volume, in utter terror.
     "Tolouse! Tolouse! You're okay, Tolouse!"
     All three crowded around him, trying to stop the violent
convulsions of his body.
     "Tolouse, calm down! You're safe! You're safe!"
     Slowly, agonizingly slowly, Tolouse's trembling ceased, and his
eyes opened wide with shock. He looked around, not recognizing
     Sonic leaned over. "Tolouse! It's me Sonic, your buddy! Your
okay, pal!"
     Sonic...Sonic...oh, gods!!
     Tolouse seized Sonic and hugged him tightly, sobbing
     Sally breathed a sigh of relief, and Bookshire nodded. "He'll be
okay," he whispered to her.
     Tolouse refused to let Sonic go, and he cried non-stop for the next

* * *

     Two days later, Tolouse visited Sally's hut for a talk.
     "I am sorry, Tolouse. I..." She hesitated. "I don't know if I
can say anything that will comfort you. Everybody at this village has a
story to tell, about the pain they have suffered and the loss that they
have experienced at the hands of Robotnik. Mostly it has been common
understanding that comforts us. No words need be spoken."
     Tolouse nodded. The words were slow in coming out of him as well.
"I...I have been doing a lot of thinking..."
     Most of the fear had subsided, but uncertainty had taken its place.
"Since...I got caught and the mission had to be aborted...I was I still...a Freedom Fighter?"
     "Oh, Tolouse," Sally said gently, shaking her head and smiling.
"You warned us at the plant when there was danger. Because of that,
Sonic and Bunnie were able to get out of the plant before they were
seen. I couldn't have asked for a better job from you. You are an
honorable Freedom Fighter. But, Tolouse..."
     Tolouse looked up.
     "Having seen...what you have," she spoke, her voice almost a
whisper, "I am concerned for you. Your experiences are very unique, and
you have seen first-hand just how demented Robotnik is. I must ask: Do
you wish to continue on as a Freedom Fighter?"
     Tolouse sat in silence, thinking.
     Sally nodded. "You don't have to answer today, and if you say no,
there isn't a soul in this village who would blame you."
     But Tolouse had already made up his mind.
     He stood up and said in a voice with new-found confidence, "Sally,
I wish to go on as a Freedom Fighter. I have dedicated my life to it."
     Sally looked back at him. "Are you sure?"
     "I am very sure."
     "Very well." She smiled broadly. "I did not want to say this
before I knew for sure, but I am very glad that you will continue with
us. You have more than proven yourself to the cause."
     Tolouse exhaled with relief. "Thank you, Sally."
     "Thank you, Tolouse. Now go on, scoot. Make sure Sonic isn't
making a nuisance of himself somewhere." She giggled.
     Tolouse smiled, "Okay."

     As he closed the door to her hut, a shiver ran through his body.
     Those eyes, those piercing, red eyes...
     He shook his head, clearing it. That is in the past now, he told
himself. And I am still alive, and I am still going to fight!
     "Y'all 'right, sugar?"
     Tolouse looked up and saw Bunnie standing a few feet away.
     "I'm fine, Bunnie. I am fine."

* * *

     Let us live to tell our story
     Here on Earth and out in space
     Forward on the road to glory
     History records the chase!

     Across the ice of frozen lakes, run with the fox.
     Along the lanes a lover takes, run with the fox.
     Beneath the moon, a Christmas moon, run with the fox.
     And sing a tune, a lover's tune, run with the fox.
     Across the Bridge of Many Ways, run with the fox.
     Onto the plains where dreamers play, run with the fox.

---The End.

The saga will continue, in "On My Mother's Grave".

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