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From: Jeffrey Pegnato <>
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 1995 14:16:15 +0600

>> How do you know Sally is NOT a fox for sure? (if you mention the
>> comic, I'll ignore you) (and WHO decides these things?)
>Comparing Sally with the squirrels in my back yard, there is a striking
>resemblance, particularly with her face (mouth and nose) and hands.
>Ok, so she doesn't have beady eyes and a big, fluffy tail, but then again
>she's a _Mobian_ squirrel, so it's allowed.

By this logic, what's to prevent her from being a _Mobian_ fox?
(or bear, chipmunk, mouse, dog, etc.....)
>> Why does Tails have 2 tails?
>How else is a HFF going to fly?
>Since he is a "Two-tailed fox, Mobius variety", that's just normal for him.
>What I'd like to know is how he manages to rotate his tails without getting
>them wrapped around each other. It's just magical the way he does that. :-)

Thanx. That explains nothing...

>> What happened to Robotnik at the end of the last season?

>Similar sort of thing as happened at the end of '3 Phases of Eve', I expect.


>> Why, if her father is a fox, is Sally not?

>Obviously, Mobian genetics are quite different than ours.
>Judging by Sally and Sonic's kids in 'The Quest' and 'The Return',
>a Mobian species is inherited from the parent of the same gender.
>(Their daughter inherited Sonic's faster-than-lightning trait, so
>not all characteristics are inherited this way.)
>That would suggest that Sally's mother is a squirrel too.

or, once again, a bear, mouse, dog, cat, etc..

>> Why are there so many inconsistencies between the comic book, T.V. show,
>> and books?

>I invented a "windows on Mobius" theory to deal with this. We have many
>such windows now: each game is one, the SatAM cartoon is one, the
>Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon is another, and all of the
>comics, books, and posters are yet others. The "glass" in these windows
>acts like lenses, changing the way Mobius is seen through them.

Yep, I like this explanation. That's the same way I look at it -
each is a separate story with the same characters

>Does Sonic have 3, or 4 fingers on his hands? It depends on the window
>you're looking through. Each artistic group on Team Sonic creates their
>own window, as does anyone who draws a Freedom Fighter.
I'll just have to get creative in some of my drawings...I might even
finnish one before the end of '95!
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