RE: all ye non-believers, I'm back...

From: Wallis, Mike <>
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 95 09:16:00 PDT

>>>Seeing as how I'm severely bored & there isn't much to call
discussion going on here, I thought i might share with you
an interresting little message I recieved a few minutes ago...

"...Yes. Sally is definalty a fox, she's just not old
 enough to have a full tail yet. Remember, they are only teenagers in the
 comic book (all but Tails and Bunny, who are younger and older

{grin} Well... Seeing as how I *work* for Sega and how I'm working *on* a
new Sonic title, I guess I would know. :) Sally is, in no way, a vixen.
 (Sure, she may be a fox to some, but not a vixen... Anyone understand
that?) :-P

>Ha Ha Ha Ha...I'm not the only believer in Sally's vixendom! There are
>others...and were multiplying!...Ha Ha Ha

You must be stopped. You and your growing horde.

>Member: Sally is a vixen fan club...all opposition will be crushed.
>Foxes forever!

I'll agree with the "Foxes forever" part, but not that Sally is a vixen. I
mean, the one TRUE vixen and certainly foxy female is Disney's Maid Marian.
 She's one that'll get your blood boiling. :>


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