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And so Ron said......

> >From: (Dan Drazen)
> >Date: Tue, 28 Mar 1995 16:16:30 -0500 (EST)
> >To all those who have commented on Bloodlines:
> >[Note: if you haven't read the story yet, we're talking major spoilers
> >coming up here]
> Courtesy form-feed:
> > In all honesty, I had no idea that Bunnie and Sandy's relationship
> > would take the turn it did when I started writing. I had no
> > intention of outing Bunnie or anyone else.
> I guess my basic reaction is that it's out of character (show reference:
> after Uncle Chuck's temporarily deroboticized, she tells Sally maybe she
> should "take another look at that man...") _and_ it wasn't really necessary
> to the story line (IMVNSHO).

To be perfectly honest, I'd have to agree to both parts of the above. If
anything, Bunnie has a certain affinity for Sonic in the cartoons, which
she carefully controls since her best friend is Sally....

> > Obviously I wrote this before reading "The Power of Love," and
> > before Netscape was installed on my machine so I could discover
> > how large a part Bunnie plays in the Mature [or should that be
> > "IMmature"?] Fan Art section of Rotor's homepage.

I'll pretend I didn't hear that.

> I don't want to know...

Only one of the GIFs I'd say you might be offended by, Ron.... (contract.gif)

> >I was sort of afraid that some of her drooling fanboys would take umbrage.

I was bothered, if only that she was taken out of character. There was no
basis for this in the story up to that point (too sudden)...

> Maybe I deserve that, although Babs Bunny will still be #1 :^)

Yes, Babs is still a far better draw for me, but Bunnie is not very low
on the list... :)

> Actually, I wasn't all that offended, probably because I've seen worse on
> (speaking as a survivor of the great TTBS flamewar...),

At least we *tried* keeping the characters in character... (I know what
we TTBSers did was not to your taste. No apologies are needed for that on
our part, but we do respect your feelings. That's why .fandom was
created. Apologies, however, if *that* sounds terse- I'm really not the
best communicator that I could be...)

> plus I didn't get as attached to Bunnie as I did Babs, plus it had been a
> long day between Good Friday services and pretty much deciding I was fed up
> with my job enough to see if there are any better ones out there (anybody
> need a digital/analog circuit designer? :^)), so I was more or less too
> tired to get upset when I finally got around to reading it last night :^)

Can't help you with your job-seeking, although I'm trying to work on an
NTSC-PAL video conversion project with Jono Nicholson in the UK...

> > Hope nobody got too bummed by my allowing Queen Alicia to die.
> Well, it was pretty much expected, but it was still quite sad - especially
> Sally's reaction... I'll confess I got a bit teary-eyed at it, which
> bothered me because it was yet another reminder that I am moved more by the
> suffering of imaginary characters than I am my fellow man.

That means the story's working... :) Seriously, I'll agree with Ron that
that's what was to be expected. No, wasn't bothered by that at all...

> >Thanks for putting up with my ramblings.
> And mine :^) I meant none of the above criticism personally, nor the
> following: I guess I'm a bit disappointed that with the exception of
> "The Power of Love", all of the fan-fic so far has more or less been on the
> grim side (especially the latest stuff with Packbell). While I admit I do
> like the dark theme of the Sat. AM show itself, at least most of the
> episodes have enough hope in them that this tempers things a bit. I don't
> seem to see this in the fan-fic. But far be it from me to tell people what
> to write - if I decide that it's not worth discussing the comics (that and
> the fan-fic are about all that's left to talk about), I can always
> unsubscribe...

I can really agree with the above: the series had HOPE, and this does
seem to be lacking in the current crop of stories, even though the
stories themselves are rather well-written. To those writing: please try
to work on the "human element", OK? I want to feel more for the
*characters*, rather than seeing just what the latest plot to foil
Robotnik is... Also, it's going to be just as much an adventure to
rebuild Mobius and regain control of the throne....

> PS to my non-list CCers: if you want a copy of the story, e-mail me -
> I still have it for now. I haven't decided how long or if I'll keep it
> though...

Ron's been bouncing them my way, BTW... Rotor's web site already has the
stories.... (Hey, Rotor! The site hasn't changed much in the last month,
except when you added Bloodlines... I know one story has been posted to
a.f.s-h, but I didn't save it, knowing it would be on the site- I was

Enjoy Nature's rejuvination, everybody! :)


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