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Date: Thu, 13 Apr 1995 20:09:41 -0400 (EDT)

On Thu, 13 Apr 1995, Shawn Wolski wrote:

> I suppose everyone's on FurToonia! CU there in the future!

I'm not at this time. I don't really expect to have time to really try
for a while yet. I did make a trial connection last weekend mostly to
make sure I could connect. My software choked on the intro screen, but
otherwise no problems. I wish they provided a command prompt character
(like ">", ".", "%", etc.) so one would know when long text dumps are
finished. I couldn't do anything but read news and info, which is more
or less what I expected. From what I've seen from the help info, it
appears that learning my way around there is going to be about as
challenging as taking on another programming language.

For now, the story I'm co-writing has priority over other
net.sonic-activities except for the daily care and feeding of this list.
For when the time comes, I do now know that it is possible for me to
connect. BTW, is there any printed documentation for FT? I'm really
going to need to RTFM before connecting for real.

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