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From: Wallis, Mike <>
Date: Fri, 07 Apr 95 17:12:00 PDT

>I dunno. I think it looks kinda cute. (:3 And fitting of a kitsune,
>don't you think, that he shouldn't look quite real? (American versions
>of Tails tend to make him look like his cranium's about to explode...)

Haha! :) That's one way of looking at it, I suppose.

>(grins) I hope you do. I *really* hope you do. That would be *so*
>cool, especially considering I started it (on this list, at least)... (:3

I'll do my best. No promises, but we just may be able to sneak it in... :)

>Can you supply us with the whole promo poster, then? Or do you only have
>access to its component parts?

Unfortunately, the poster is 20x24, and thus too large to scan... I've
scanned each character individually in order to at least give you guys
something... Any suggestions on how I might get the entire posted scanned???

>> That artwork is actually based upon the Japanese Tails model.
>Which artwork? The particular sequences I mentioned? If so, what did
>you do? (:3

Yep, those sequences... Actually, all animations of Tails were based on the
Japanese models. I didn't do any of it, because both Sonic 3 and Sonic &
Knuckles were released before I joined Sega.

Have a great weekend!


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