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The following is an article I captured from, and I'm
posting it here in case anyone is interested but doesn't have access to
a.t.a (and thus would not have known). If you're interested in seeing
the final product, once posted to a.t.a., please mail me direct.

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Helloooooooo, All!

I am beginning work on a parody called "Sonic and Dot". It will be the
instruction file for a non-existant game called "Sonic and Dot". Why Dot?
Where are Yakko and Wakko? Just wait..... ooooh, the suspense!!!!

*HINT*: This game was invented in an alternate universe. Which means that
Robotnik was never created by Sega, and Warner Brothers never invented
Animaniacs- Sega used the characters. AND, in this universe, Tails is the
enemy. Tails hires Dot to keep Sonic, Yakko, and Wakko off his tail (bad
pun warning)... oh, I've said too much.

'K, bye.

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