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I'd like to take this time to publicly respond to some questions sent to
me through private E-mail (You know who you are).

[Major spoilers if you haven't read it]

First, it surprises me that some of you are surprised that Packbell has
the capability to kill people. In all the stories that I've put him in,
I have tried to depict him an evil individual who cares nothing for those
around him. I hinted a little as to his homicidal nature in "Tails'
Tale" during the Blueebrook invasion. He was walking through the village
taking pot shots at whatever moved and didn't care what he hit. Taht
means that if he killed someone, he didn't care. One of the goals I have
for "The Experiment" is to expand on these ideas and show you all what a
truely twisted and evil character Packbell is. He cares nothing for
anyone's life other than his own and he takes pleasure in causing suffering.

Second, a person remarked to me that, in the scene after Sonic and Bunnie
are captured, Packbell remarks that he will kill Bunnie if he hears
Sonic's sonic boom. The person stated that once Packbell hears the boom,
Sonic and Bunnie would be long gone.
Packbell's hearing is far more advanced than a human's plus his reflexes
are a hundred times quicker. As soon as his mind registered the
beginning of a boom, which would only take about half a second, his
fingers would react instantly and crush Bunnie's neck. I will admit the
the rescue possibility existed, but it wasn't a sure thing. Sonic knew
that and that's why he surrendered as easily as he did.

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