From: Chris Baird <>
Date: Thu, 23 Mar 1995 23:27:43 +1000

[Bcc'd to the newsgroup..I hope]

Alessandro Sanasi <>:
> Could someone please tell me a _newsserver_ that can be reached
> via _SMTP_ and that carries the
> newsgroup?

Me too. :) (And definately SMTP, not NNTP-- I'll need to have a feed
tunneled in by mail, just like in the bad old pre-NNTP/Internet days..)

Rat, can you get a $alz newsgate on Sard? Otherwise if I can arrange
a news-tunnel for myself, I'll add a mailing list to the Majordomo on
Brushtail for anyone to receive the newsgroup through email, with
replies sent back into the 'group (simular to what used to exist for


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