Nobody should have to work this hard!

From: Robin Hood <>
Date: Sun, 19 Mar 1995 17:38:29 -0500 (EST)

I came this close to absolutely screaming.

Going home for a few days before spring break officially began, I decided
to search my hometown for Sally #2 and Sonic #22. Well, the comic book
shop closed down last month, so I resorted to searching every gas station,
every drug store, every grocery store, any place I could think of. Nobody
had anything!! Nada! Only when I finally looked in the only book store in
town did I find the Sally issue, but Sonic was still nowhere to be found.

So, coming back to college, I journey to the comic book shop where I found
the two Sonic issues I had bought earlier, shortly after subscribing to this
list. Well, they had it (along with Sally #1, which I had yet to find), but
their filing system left a lot to be desired. Seems they don't think very
highly of "children's comics" (including anything published by Archie)
so all of this month's titles were unceremoniously dumped into one big pile,
on top of the bins carrying back issues of children's stuff. This means
I had to wade thru 10 gazillion Archie, Betty, Veronica, and other such issues
before finding what appeared to be the only Sonic #22 they had left!

Whoever said collecting comic books doesn't give you any exercise?? :-)

Oh contribution to this thread is a little late, but here's my
thoughts on #22.

In a word: great! Every Sonic issue should be like this. The story
surrounding Robotnik's return was well done (even if the story surrounding
his initial disappearance was not), and the artwork (especially for Sally)
is spectacular. Did somebody say that it was a new artist for this month?
Well, (s)he can stay! I even enjoyed "Tails' Knighttime Story." This is
an example of Sonic-slapstick put to good use, and the jokes were hilarious.
("Have a real turkey," as he throws down Antoine :-D)

Here's hoping future issues are as good as this one.
On that matter, wish me luck finding #23 when it comes out! :-)


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