Re: Chili Dogs and Friends

From: Chris Baird <>
Date: Sat, 11 Mar 1995 01:45:13 +1000

BBlaze <>:
> There's a theory that since the universe is infinite (as far as we know)
> and since there are an infinte number of other universes (?) anything
> that can happen, does happen. So talking animals, chili dogs, French
> customs, and English languages are not impossible to find on other
> planets.

So there's another "Mobius" in existence where there's a Princess Bunnie?
Cool! ("Land of a Thousand Bunnies" :):) Remember the Cosmic Interstate
in comics #11 & #19? One of those exits might be to this reality...

I'm portraying classic symptoms of droolingfanboyosis, hmm.


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