From: richard ray ii roberts <>
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 95 00:21:08 -0500

     Guys, not meaning to be too harsh, but I've heard
a lot of theories on this list and most of them could
use a serious helping of Occam's Razor - which, to
those who aren't familiar with it, is a theory on
making theories that states that the simplest
explanation is most often true. Or, to be a little
less simple but more accurate, that the least
fantastic explanation that still works is the best one.
Nanites I can actually deal with for the pit itself,
since that's about the only thing I can think of that
would explain why that pit works in the first place,
but you don't need to use any variation on normal
metals. That's the only one I feel like pointing out,
but it's a serious problem when folks start theorizing
about things like this.

                        Too Tired To Be Diplomatic,

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