Re: Chili Dogs and Friends

From: Jamie Wilmoth <>
Date: Wed, 8 Mar 95 22:25 EST

As far as the Mobian history I favor an Earth-*related* background, but
don't really think of it as Earth. As Mouse (Richard) has pointed out,
there seems to be a clear distinction between 'native' (completely
unEarthlike) species, like the flying insects and birds; and humanoid
animals of familiar types. Pet theory: genetic engeneering of animals
on Earth a few millenia ago, who (as we humans are wont to do) got sent
out on all the early space missions- thus they're MUCH more widely
spread than the humans are.

There's two possibilities for the parallels in this case. One, they're
fine- everything got imported however long ago from Earth, albeit sometimes
in corrupted forms. This would require a more recent exodus from earth, 
no more than one or two generations, I think, otherwise the accents
(for example) would no longer be at all recognizeable.

Option 2: we're seeing the adventures 'filtered'- ie, everything that
happens is actually very, very alien, butthe storyteller is replacing
elements with ones familiar to us. For example, Antoine does not
speak with a french accent, but he comes from a culture with a strong
tradition of history and cuisine, and is somewhat effeminate, fitting
our American stereotypes of the French, so french is used. Sonic
doesn't like chili dogs, but some hideously unhealthy food made of
undefined meat byproducts; etc, etc. This lets you put Mobius pretty
much whenever and wherever you want, and doesn't require a connection
to Earth *at all*, but then you'd be forced to assume *nothing* is
as its shown on the show. Sonic isn't a hedgehog, but a purple screecher.

I think I prefer option one...


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