Archie Issue #22

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Date: Mon, 6 Mar 1995 17:51:08 -0500 (EST)

Issue #22 finally made it to my local stores, or at least an
out-of-my-way store I decided to try.

Anyone notice in Sonic-Grams another explanation for Tails's two tails?
He was simply born that way (for no apparent reason) which contradicts
their explanation in #16 (Antonie gave his tail to Tails).

I also noticed that the story in #22 depends upon one having read a
number of past issues (good thing I have read them (g)). They also
mentioned Crabmeat, and I know who that is only because I recently
received my order for #1 through #7.

(Skip this paragraph if you haven't read #22 and don't want to know
anything about the story beforehand.)
At this point, Sonic and Sally with kids is too much of a non-sequitor to
me at this point. Over time, the story could be developed so that they
do, but not now. Anyone notice the offspring was of two species (just
like Sonic and Sally are of two species).

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