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Date: Thu, 02 Mar 95 16:04:56

I shouldn't say anything about this but, why does it have to be that if mobius
is earth in the future that in happens 2000 years from now? Maybe some time in
the future, we humans do something and destory ourselfs. Whats to say that in a
few million years after we die out that animals don't learn to speak and evolve
just like we did? I still beleave that mobius is on another planet somewhere
and who know, maybe they are watching us. But the fact remains that we are
think and weighting everything based on ourselfs and thats not right. Humans
have always done this. We think dinosaurs where dumb but dumb compaird to what,
us? In that case yes, every other living thing on earth is dumb. But what do I
know. Anyway, lets get back on track.
Craig / Tails "Is it me, or is it my imagination?"

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