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From: Alessandro Sanasi <>
Date: 02 Mar 1995 19:32:00 +0100

> I am of the mind set that Mobius (and the whole Sonic story) is a social
> commentary of what we, the intelligent species known as humans, are doing
> to our beloved planet. That makes this a very politically correct cartoon
> which reflects us as a society. That is what almost all cartoons are -
> reflections of ourselves.

That's because all cartoons are made by _humans_. And as inhabitants of
Earth we can only refer to things we know, our society, our problems with
polluting the environment, our social structure and the like. Of course
everyone tries to make the world in the cartoons a little better and a
more interesting place to live than the world we know. That's because
there is magic in the cartoon or a society of different species that live
together in peace.

There have been a lot of postings about the location of Mobius. To my
opinion the best suggestion would be that Mobius is an alternate earth of
another universe/dimension, inhabited by intelligent animals instead of
humans. This would explain all the parallels in speech (English, France)
or food (Chili Dogs). And because it's an _alternate_ earth there can
also be magic there.

> Another thing that makes me dismiss the idea of a future Earth is the
> HUGE improbability that many species on Earth could evolve from where they
> are now into sentient beings in just under 2000 years, nuclear accident
> mutations or not. So far it's taken humans 2.5 million years!

That's the best reason to convince anyone that Mobius is no future Earth.
This suggestion sounded a little strange anyway...

> And now for something completely tasteless...

> I wonder if Sonic has ever eaten any of his friends when he had chili
> dogs. Is that why we don't see Porker Lewis in the Archie comics?

Well, in the Furry comics I've read there are some animals that have
evolved into intelligent, human-like beings, but there are also others
that are just 'normal' animals (like chickens or cows). Maybe its the
same with Mobius.

> I never could see a name, but a pig is in Sally's mini-series #1. But of
> course Sonic isn't, except in the intro and the adverts. And he could be
> eating one of those artificial 'dogs where probably no one is quite sure
> what the thing is made of.

There was also a pig in the Sonic mini-series #1 (one of the Royal Guards),
but that was one of Robotniks androids which had a self destruct mechanism
implemented. Sonic threw him out of Knothole just in time...

> But as long as you had to bring up a tasteless point....
> He may just be eating those who were about to (for whatever reason)
> defect to Robotnik's side.

At least he should use lots of ketchup, then.

> Well in a few eppisodes they show Hot Dog stands.... and the chef who
> serves Sonic is a pig. (This leads me to belive that Mobian chili dogs
> aren't made out of pork)

Or maybe they are cannibals? Freedom Fighters by day, ravaging beasts by
night... nah.

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