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On Tue, 28 Feb 1995, Robin Hood wrote:

> All true, and I for one believe that we are not alone in this universe.
> (Tho' I don't think the odds are QUITE 50/50 about life existing on
> any given planet. Here in our solar system alone the odds are 8 to 1.)

Considering how many planets there are, it seems inevitable that at least
one other is supporting life. Perhaps (probably?) not life as we know
it, but still life. Although some out there disagree, no one on Earth
has encountered extra-terrestrial life, and without a standard for
comparison, we can't really say what would be life that is not as we know it.
> But what makes me believe that Mobius is part of another universe primarily
> the fact that pure magic (the Time Stones, the Chaos Emeralds) exists.
> At the same time, however, I like to believe that the universe that Mobius
> exists in is parallel in many aspects to our own, and that Mobius is
> that universe's Earth. Mobius and Earth share many of the same animal
> and plant species (albeit at different points of evolution), they have
> chili dogs :-), and, assuming that we're not hearing translations, even use
> the same languages.

It seems unlikely that another planet in this or another universe would
have developed both English and French in a form so close to what we know
-- and that Sonic would even identify Antoine as from the French section
of Mobius. For that to hold true, there would have to be a France on
Mobius with the same language and culture (remember Snively torturing
Antoine with escargot and margarine?). That close a parallel is so
unlikely that Sonic would probably have mean to draw for us a comparison
we can understand to a place on Mobius quite similar to what we know as

As for translations, we do hear the voices of Jaleel White, Charlie
Adler, etc., not the voices of Sonic, Snively, etc. So maybe those are
translations after all. And the other choice would have been subtitles
(which I don't think would have done much for ABC's ratings). But then,
we'll need to track down who on Earth learned their language so that we
can all learn it too.
> Another thing that makes me dismiss the idea of a future Earth is the
> HUGE improbability that many species on Earth could evolve from where they
> are now into sentient beings in just under 2000 years, nuclear accident
> mutations or not. So far it's taken humans 2.5 million years!

There's one more thing to remember about time. Even on Earth, not
everyone considers it to be 1995. There are some cultures who use their
own calendar and consider the current year to be something else, although
they do use 1995 when communicating with the rest of the world.

So who says 3730 on Mobius couldn't be 19xx (or even 18xx) on Earth? It
all depends on when you want to start counting, and Mobius probably has
its own special event from not quite 4000 years ago to begin counting from.

And then we can get into the question of whether it takes approximately
365.25 Earth days or xxx Mobius days for Mobius to revolve once around
its sun. Or does it orbit at all? We know Knothole had a big snowstorm,
so Mobius probably does tilt on its axis towards/away from its sun.

> And now for something completely tasteless...

> I wonder if Sonic has ever eaten any of his friends when he had chili
> dogs. Is that why we don't see Porker Lewis in the Archie comics?
> <<<shudder>>>

I never could see a name, but a pig is in Sally's mini-series #1. But of
course Sonic isn't, except in the intro and the adverts. And he could be
eating one of those artificial 'dogs where probably no one is quite sure
what the thing is made of.

But as long as you had to bring up a tasteless point....

He may just be eating those who were about to (for whatever reason)
defect to Robotnik's side.

I guess everyone has a few skeletons in the closet, and Mobius is no

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