Now, That's just DANDY. (grrr)

From: Robert Haynie <>
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 1995 16:08:28 GMT

    Great. Just great. One of the few non-superhero-type cartoon I can
stomach-- in fact, one of the best period-- and it dies. Well, we
chould have seen it coming, guys. After all, at i's present (and
original) time-slots, it was being pitched towards kiddie type
audiences, while being written at a more mature level.
    You know, the simple fact that we had something like this at all
from one of the Big Three networks is remarkable enough. That it lasted
two seasons (with the serial-like nature of season 2, no less) is
incredible. Perhaps we should count our blessings.
    Well, who knows... they could change heir minds, and maybe the
poster was working on incomplete or erroneous info.
    Or maybe Snively got a place on ABC's scheduling board--- yeah,
those evil eyes were an ABC programming executive...


                   Who still thinks that they should have done a Bunnie
         Swimsuit Special...

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