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From: Alessandro Sanasi <>
Date: 25 Feb 1995 13:31:00 +0100

On 23 Feb 95, Fred Sloniker wrote:

>> Wouldn't Tails look a bit 'alone' in a game without Sonic?

> No more so than Sonic does if you're playing S&K without S3 'locked on'.

Don't forget that _Sonic_ is the tough and way past cool hero. _He_ can
face Robotnik on his own. Tails however is mostly a cute-looking and
adorable fox. In 'Sonic II' he is only 6 1/2 years old (according to the
manual) and only 10 years in the cartoon. To my opinion this is a little
too young to fight Robotnik all alone during the _whole_ game.

> Besides which, we never said Sonic couldn't do cameos. Maybe Robotnik
> sets up a 'speed trap' across a section of canyon; Sonic gets bagged, but
> Tails lags behind and escapes the trap. Now the Happy Fun Fox has to
> rescue Sonic before Robotnik can roboticize the speedy hedgehog...

Heroes don't just run into traps and then wait to be rescued (there are
numerous examples for this). If they _really_ get cought they find a way
to get out themselves. However, it is possible that Sonic (or another
suitable character) would aid young Tails in his first solo adventure.
Then in the last level they could get separated and Tails has to take the
final challenge alone (Tails _is_ a tough fighter when he is forced to
be). A similar situation occurred in the Tails solo story 'Zonerunner' in
one of the Fleetway comics.

>> To my opinion it would be much more fun if you just could select Tails
>> as the leading character and Sonic as his sidekick.

> I think they should have had this in S2/3, myself. Sonic 4 should
> *definitely* allow free mixing and matching of all playable characters
> (to the extent the plot allows), and maybe even midgame swaps (Sonic has
> to decide at one point whether he'd rather keep Tails with him or set out
> with the nosy echidna...)

That's a _very_ good idea. But don't forget that Sonic has to look cool in
every situation (that's his charisma). It wouldn't look cool if he acted
like Tails when controlled by the CPU (stomping merrily into traps,
enemies, shots etc.). If this feature will be added, the programmers
_definitely_ have to work out some sophisticated routines to let the CPU
played character avoid these things.

>> But if Tails really gets his own game he should have a companion so he
>> doesn't have to face Robotnik all on his own.

> How about a bluebird, like the ones that fly around him when he's Super?
> It wouldn't bash bad guys like Tails does for Sonic, but it could point
> out secret routes and hidden powerups, and could also do cute stuff when
> Tails idles or reaches the end of an Act (like perching on Tails' ear, or
> the end-of-Act post) or when a boss shows up (pecking futilely on
> Robotnik's chromedome). Of course, once Tails goes Super, it's a whole
> 'nother story. (:3 (Evil nasty wicked bad bluebird, to borrow a sig...)

A _real_ companion would be better so they could make it a 2 player game.
But I don't see a reason why Tails couldn't have a bluebird for backup
support as well.

> ---Fred M. Sloniker, stressed undergrad
> L. Lazuli R'kamos, FurryMUCKer

Again, just my opinion

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