Re: Commentary: "The Temporal Syndrome"

From: Dan Drazen <>
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 1995 16:22:25 -0500 (EST)

> I posted the 1st part of "The Temporal Syndrome" either
> late last week or early this week (my time base is malfunc-
> tioning). Does anyone have any questions, comments, etc.?
> This is my first shot at writing a Sonic story, so I want to be
> as prepared and complete as possible. Please send informa-
> tion do my E-mail address or post here.
> ________________________________________________________________
> Shawn Wolski, N5UNA

I have a question: where is it? I swear I never saw it! Since I'm in
the process of submitting weekly installments of some fanfic myself
["Bloodlines"], I'd like to see how others are covering the same
territory. My machine has been eating some of my overnight mail lately,
and until the sysop gets back from her family emergency and straightens
things out, I'm afraid I'm losing valuable material. Please send me a
copy to my e-mail address...and we'll hope the computer doesn't eat it!

Daniel J. Drazen
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P.S.: have any of the artists who have submitted erotic fanart
considered the fact that the characters in question are all UNDERAGE?
Sonic & Sally and 15-16 (depending on whether you follow the Archie
Comic or "Drood Henge" chronology) and Tails is a tender 10 years old.
Someone better brush up on their knowledge of Mobian kiddie porn laws!

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