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> > whoever was talking about tails in the sonic games. Your right, He should
> > have something to do other then be sonic's personal helichopter (Sp?)
Le'see here...In Sonic 2, he's just been introduced--both to us, and to
the battle between Sonic and Robotnik. So naturally, while he's just starting
to take it all in, he isn't going to do much on his own.

In Sonic 3, he's starting to get the hang of it and is doing more exploring
on his own (hence, the slight differences in the zones if you play Tails
alone compared to S+T or Sonic alone), but he still knows that Sonic
is better suited and more experienced to fight Robotnik.

And Sonic 4 (and it ain't S+K, Archie!!), we shall see Tails taking
the initiative and having his own set of goals to accomplish apart from
Sonic...almost like what we saw in the different endings between Sonic
and Knuckles only a little more stable in the continuity department. Of
course, with my lousy luck, Sonic 4 will be a 32X game, and I'll have to
buy another system!

Okay, dropping that hot potato before people accuse me of not staying on
relevant subjects...

Typical of my ever random and daydreaming thought patterns, I've been
doing a little thinking on who should do the music to the Sonic movie (hoping
there is one). How about Jan Hammer?

Now before you start thinking "Miami Vice?!!", I suggest you listen to
one of his CDs entitled _Escape from Television_. It contains the "Vice"
theme and some other music used from that series, but with a lot of his
music, Hammer sets up a dramatic and dark atmosphere that I think would
perfectly match the state of Mobius at the time of Robotnik's tyranni.

The odds of it happening are probably less than those of Sally marrying
Antoine, but it's still cool to think about.


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