Sonic movie?

From: Jeffrey Pegnato <>
Date: Wed, 15 Feb 1995 20:16:32 +0500

A movie would be great, but I have the same fears about it as I do seeing
a 3rd season (God willing)... Because of the differences in all the
different Sonic
books, shows, and comic books (discussed _at_ nauseum here), who will decide
what is the TRUE story behind Robotnik's takeover, the Freedom Fighter's
struggles, etc.? Also, since Sonic is owned (TM and all) by SEGA, but the
is produced in the U.S.A., couldn't SEGA create a whole NEW story? It may
have nothing to do with anything ever written or animated so far...

We've already seen the destruction of everything Robotnik built (cue "Doomsday")
and witnessed most of the individual battles up until that point, so what
could the Movie possibly deal with? Assuming Robotnik would have to be in
the movie, and assuming that some sort of background to this conflict
between him & Sonic would
have to be exposed, and finally assuming that the producers won't repeat
anything from the show, I can forsee one of 2 things happening:

1)the story will be completely changed - new reasons for the war (against
Robotnik) -
        new and different characters - new voices/animation
        This, in effect, would discredit anything produced so far in the
        books. (along with the FAQ ;) )
2)it will keep the current SatAM version's characteristics, but will only tell
        a story that is very generic (like a few of the shows) giving no
insight into the character development, plot line, etc. which
would (IMHO) be the whole point of seeing the movie!

Of course, I COULD be wrong - the movie might actually work to resolve all
of the
problems that we have been talking about between the comic/books/show...
(i.e. you will finally see that I'm right - Sally is a vixen) (I don't care
how many [more] flames I get on this topic - my mind is made up & It will
take...well...a movie to change it ;) )

***Everyone needs to believe in something,
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Jeffrey Pegnato

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