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> > I meand re-release, as in the original film. I also mean in movie
> > theaters. He hopes to get a better audience and maybe it won't flop as
> > bad as it did in '82. I also mean, that he's still THINKING about it, it
> > may happen or it may not. That's all I know.
> >
> Kinda figured it was just a "re-release", tho' I too would love to get
> a chance to see it in the theatre. When did come out originally, '81, '82?
> I was too young!

Movie is copywrighted 1982 (I own a copy of the video)

> BTW, since many of us appear to be NIMH fans as well as Sonic fans, just
> in case you don't know, there is a book sequel to _Mrs. Frisby_ titled
> _Racso and the Rats of NIMH_. It tells the story of a young rat named
> Racso who hears of the Thorn Valley colony and vows to go there so he
> can learn how to read and write and become something. Now how, you ask,
> could he have heard of the Rats of NIMH, let alone possess the ability
> and determination to learn how to read? Sorry, that would be a spoiler...:-)

Uh oh, that's like 4 messages in the thread off topic. We're going to get
complains any time soon. If this conversation keeps up, I'll have to
create another mailing list. ;-)

Here's the facts. There were 3 books.

1971 - "Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIHM" by Robert C. O'Brien
1986 - "Racso and the Rats of NIMH" by Jane Leslie Conly
1990 - "R-T, Margaret, and the Rats of NIHM" by Jane Leslie Conly

R-T, Margaret, and the Rats of NIHM wasn't that great, but it had rats in
it, so I enjoyed it.

> The story itself is great, but the book suffers from many glaring
> incontinuities from the first book (sound familiar?). It almost seems like
> the author (it wasn't O'Brien) read the original book once and then lost
> it before deciding to write a sequel. Oh well...

Both the ones by Jane Leslie Conly did. They were definately children's
But the first book by O'Brien was really awesome! It was different than the
movie in so many ways, it was a different story! Did anybody else get that

I seem to remember having this conversation in rec.arts.animation... Oh

** Ok, here's a spoiler. I'm going to talk about the the first book

[ scroll down a lot ]

Ok, here's some main differences that many people might not know.

- Jenner was a good guy. Totally. He just didn't agree with Nicodemus's
  idea to move to thorn valley, and took off. Didn't cause any trouble.
- Mr. Ages was polite.
- They described in more detail their experience at NIMH.
- They succeed in moving Mrs. Frisby's cinderblock home. Note the name

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