Re: Sonic Merchandise List (prototype)

From: Chris Baird <>
Date: Thu, 16 Feb 1995 02:13:58 +1100

Here's whats available from that merch store in my area I mentioned
upthread. There shouldn't be any problems finding this gear
throughout most of Australia or New Zealand...

(There wasn't any Sally or Bunnie merchandise, sob. :~(

      o Drink bottles (of the attach-to-bicycle-frame persuasion) --
        robust looking plastic moulding printed with a STH banner and
        two pictures of Sonic-- one a typical running pose, the other of
        him reclining in a sun chair wearing dark glasses. Mnf by ???
        Made in Australia. (AU$8)

      o Bike helmets -- made from expanded polystyrene and a ?thin
        plastic shell covered with multiple pictures of Sonic lifting
        weights. Available in sizes SM/M and with a black or white
        background. Mnf. by "Headstart"; AS 2063 certifed; AU$45
        (that's close to what I paid for my "real" helmet..)

      o T-Shirts (Wow, an entire rack devoted to Sonic :) All to fit
        sizes M to L, full colour, and made of cotton. With only one
        exception were priced at AU$30 (give or take 5 cents..)

        1) Front: Large portrait of Sonic doing that "standard" pointing
        pose, with the rest of the black cotton shirt covered (all over)
        in a dark yellow collage of scenes from the ?original video game.
        Back: cheesy rear view of same. Size M; Mnf. by "Top Heavy" (a
        Sydney company); cost AU$40. My Unobjective Opinion: Very nice.

        2) A black cotton T-Shirt -- small picture of Sonic "in action"
        over the pocket area w/ "Sonic" banner underneath. Mnf. Acme.
        [Btw, this and the rest of the shirts are from Acme's "SEGA Mega
        Wear" line.] MUO: Not worth it unless you're into subtlety.

        3) Black cotton 'shirt with warm yellow and orange picture of a
        combat ?troll poking his head out from a tank on the front.
        Large banner with "Pretend its a Game" in faux-bitmap text on
        back. [Prolly not Hedgehog related, but mnf. by Acme..] MUO:
        Nice gift for a vidgame freak..

        4) Black cotton shirt with several faux-bitmapped Sonics to show
        him running about (the final and largest pic with his arms
        folded) with the banner "Think Fast". MUO: Not great.

        5) Black or white cotton shirt with the canonical "Sonic 2"
        portrait (with Tails) and S2 banner. MUO: Good

        6) Black cotton shirt with a "television's eye view" of Sonic
        frantically playing with a game controller. Exaggerated
        comic-eqsue line work by "Brad". MUO: A biiittt over-priced..

(Notice how the amount of detail declines as you go down the list. :)
Anyone wanna donate a Photo-CD camera so I can use pictures here
instead? :)

Btw,, about the _only_ overseas manufacture that imports to
Australia is Applause-- there might be a chance of a Tails plushie
will come my way yet.. :) We get the Archie comics over here too;
the local newsagent has SH#19 and IYF for sale at the moment.


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