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> Have you seen the first three Sonic comics pencilled by Scott Shaw! ?
> Now _THAT_ is what I would call _real_ artwork that can stand the
> competition with the artwork from the cartoon. For example, compare the
> 'Tails solo story' from 'Sonic In Your Face Special' to the ending part of
> 'Princess Sallys crusade' from the same comic. Maybe you will notice the
> difference.

Amen, my friend! I've always enjoyed Scot Shaw's artwork. His
characters are full of spunk and his style is unmistakable! Great
to see him on the Sonic team at Archie. Anyone remember Captain Carrot?

I remember mentioning before about how good Art Mawhinney's
art is on the Sally Solo stories. I wanted to mention that Dave Manak's
style is good when one is in the mood for the surrealism
some issues find themselves spiraling in! And when Manak draws Sally when
she gets mad---Ooooo! Clear the room! She can look down right nasty! =D

Later, fellow sonic fans!

CamCoon ^ ^
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