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Sonic the Hedgehog: Merry Christmas
by David Pistone
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        on characters created by Archie Comic Publications

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        The snow lay thick on the ground. Deep in the Diamond Mountains, a
rebel village lay in total ruin. Huts had been destroyed, fires burned in
the remains of homes. Blast marks left by powerful laser rifles scorched
the surrounding mountains, and a few of the surrounding trees had either
been destroyed, or were burning. Among all the destruction, a lone shuttle
sat on its own with a lone passenger inside.
        Commander Packbell sat in front of his computer in the shuttle
writing his report. It had been about four hours since the last of the
prisoner transports had departed. Whenever he successfully located and
overpowered a group of freedom fighters, he always stayed around for a while
writing the report that would be turned in at Central Command.
        The raid had gone very well. His forces charged in, eliminated the
resistance and captured the survivors. They had managed to capture 103
freedom fighters this time around. That brought Packbell's personal total
to 613 captured freedom fighters. The losses had been minimal, ten bots on
his side and fifteen rebels on the other side. As soon as he finished his
report, he stood up and went outside to survey all the damage.
        Everything was in ruin. As he strode through the remains, he came
across a hut that had somehow managed to stay standing. Upon entering, he
found the inside to be in utter chaos. Apparently the result of rebels
scattering in fear as Swat-bots busted in. As he looked about, he noticed
something lying on the floor in the corner. Packbell bent down and examined
        Christmas tree, he thought to himself. He had never understood the
concept of Christmas. The very idea had appeared to him to be absolutely
pointless. He had judged the holiday to be inefficient. Nothing important
ever got done during this time. What was the point of wasting time giving
gifts when one could be working to better himself like Packbell did.
Granted, Packbell did hang around the Command Center often, doing nothing,
but he didn't call that wasting time, he called that waiting for orders.
        "Well," he said, standing "no Christmas for these rebels."
        He pulled his laser pistol and fried the tree into ashes.
        Returning to the shuttle, Packbell headed back to Robotropolis.

        Meanwhile, deep in the great forest, the freedom fighters of
Knothole where celebrating the season. Everywhere one looked, there were
signs of the Christmas spirit. Sonic and Tails were having snowball fights,
Bookshire was helping Sally decorate the huts, Antoine was trying to decide
what to give the Princess for Christmas, and Dulci and Rotor were busy
putting up a hundred foot Christmas Tree in the center of Knothole. Dulci
would move it into position while Rotor calculated the optimum angle in
which the tree should be positioned so that it wouldn't fall down in case of
a snow storm.
        Once the tree had been set, all the freedom fighters gathered around
to decorate it. the decoration of the tree was something the freedom
fighters looked forward to every year, and, as with all the years before,
when the decoration was complete, Tails would fly up to the top and place
the star on top of the tree.
        The ceremony had gone well. Afterwards, Sally, Rotor and Tails went
over to help Bookshire decorate his tree.
        "You know," remarked Bookshire as they came in "I don't think the
tree has ever looked better."
        "Yeah," replied Rotor "we did a real good job on it."
        "How would you all like something to drink?" said Bookshire "I've
got freshly made eggnog in the fridge."
        "Great!" said Rotor and Tails.
        "No thanks," said Sally "Eggnog is real fattening."
        "Relax, Sal," replied Bookshire "It's totally low in fat and
cholesterol. I made it without any egg yolks; only egg whites."
        "Well," said Sally "I suppose."
        "Great," said Bookshire as he went into the kitchen.
        "So," said Rotor "What are you two asking Santa for for Christmas?"
        "Peace and good will," said Sally "I ask for it every year. One
of these years I'm sure my request will be granted."
        "I'm asking for some new running shoes," said Tails "The ones I
have are wearing out."
        "Sounds good," said Bookshire as he returned with four cups of
        After decorating the tree they all went to bed.

        Meanwhile, back in Robotropolis, Packbell was pacing the hallways,
deep in thought. He had decided to get Robotnik something close to a
Christmas present in order to better understand what the big deal was. If
he was ever going to overthrow Robotnik, he decided, it would be nice to
know about these things. However, he had encountered two problems: (1) how
to give the gift without Robotnik suspecting it was a present and (2) what
to get him. He stopped in the hallway a thought for a moment.
        "What does Robotnik want more than anything in the world?" he asked
        After a few moments an evil smile spread across his face.
        "The location of Knothole Village," he answered simply. It would be
a tall order, but Packbell was confident that he knew who could find out for
him. Turning on his heel, he walked back to the docking platform to get a

        Packbell's shuttle flew silently through the dark of night. After a
time, it came to rest at the edge of the Great Swamp. After leaving the
shuttle, Packbell walked into the swamp. He took various routes, making
several turns before he arrived at his destination. He entered a small
clearing, stood in the center, and waited.
        "Well, well, well, its only been a week," said a voice, suddenly
"does the high a mighty Packbell need my assistance again?"
        Packbell was not impressed.
        "Knock it off, Sandra," he said into the darkness "You should know
by now that your mysterious front doesn't impress me."
        "Very well," said Sandra "what can I do for you this time?"
        "Very simple, really. I would like the location of Knothole
Village," said Packbell.
        "Knothole? Isn't that where Princess Sally hides out?" asked Sandra.
        "Correct," replied Packbell.
        "A tough assignment," said Sandra "You understand that you are
asking me to betray a member of the royal family."
        "Of course," said Packbell "but I don't see a problem. Unless, you
are actually loyal the her."
        "Of course not!" snapped Sandra "I'm loyal to no one but myself."
        "Then you'll do it?" asked Packbell.
        "I'll have to think about it," replied Sandra "What would you give me if I gave you this information?"
        "What do you want?" asked Packbell.
        "Well," replied Sandra "in that case, get me the Crown Jewels of
Mobius and I'll think about it."
        "Done," said Packbell. As he turned to leave, he heard a rustling
in the bushes to his right as Sandra sprinted off into the swamp.
        "One day," he thought "I'll find out what she really looks like."
        Sandra Nightweaver sprinted through the Great Swamp as a breakneck
pace. Her black fur blended with the night so as to make her virtually
invisible. Soon she arrived at her hideout. She sat down at her desk and
opened a map of The Great Forest. It was going to be tricky, but she was
confident she would pull it off. She gathered up a few things and departed
for The Great Forest.

        As Christmas came ever closer, so did the spirit of Christmas come
with it. The Christmas celebration in Knothole was in full swing. On top
of everything else, Bookshire had managed to locate a database on his
computer that had some Christmas music in it by a little known group called
Mannheim Steamroller. It was a unique kind of instrumental music that had
been done entirely with synthesizers as well as traditional instruments.
        "I am a little concerned," Sally was saying to Sonic as they walked
        "What about?" asked Sonic.
        "Well," she said "What if Robotnik tries something that will ruin
the magic of the season."
        "Then I'll go bust it up like I always do." replied Sonic.
        "You really think you could handle anything?" asked Sally as they
stopped walking for a moment.
        "Oh sure," replied Sonic "I can handle anything. I'm fully
        "Oh really," said Sally laughing a little bit "And what are your
        "I'm fast, determined, way past cool, and sneaky," replied Sonic.
        "Sneaky, huh, " said Sally "Prove it."
        "Easy," said Sonic "look up."
        Sally looked up a saw a sprig of mistletoe that Sonic had hung up
above where they were standing.
        "So," said Sonic "what do ya' say!"
        "Well," said Sally, pretending to hesitate "I suppose."
        The two embraced and, after a moment gazing into each others eyes,
they engaged in a kiss.
        Later that night, a dark figure moved though the surrounding forest.
Sandra Nightweaver had been searching for three days, and now she had found
them. She moved closer to Knothole to get a better look at it.

        Bookshire was sitting in front of his computer playing a video game
when, suddenly, a quiet alarm went off. Completely startled, Bookshire
fell back off of his chair. Standing, he moved over to another monitor
and turned off the alarm. He examined the monitor carefully.
        "Looks like we have company," he said to himself. Quickly grabbing
his coat and cane, he headed out into the night.

        Sandra concealed herself behind some bushes on the fringes of
Knothole. After examining the place for a while, she stood carefully and
ran from the village. Suddenly, someone appeared before her.
        "And just where do you think you're going?" asked Bookshire,
stepping into the moon light.
        Without answering, Sandra charged forward, intent on escape. As
she passed by Bookshire, he quickly stuck out his cane, catching her legs.
Sandra tripped and fell face first into the snow with such force that it
knocked her out.

        Sandra didn't come around until the next morning. When she did,
she found herself in a bed with Rotor, Sally, Sonic and Bookshire standing
over her.
        After a few moments of tense silence Sonic spoke.
        "Who are you," he asked simply.
        "No one you need to know about," replied Sandra.
        "Don't give us that," said Sally "You're Sandra Nightweaver aren't
        Sandra said nothing.
        "My father told me about you on more than one occasion," said Sally
"Breaking and entering, theft, espionage. I believe those have been you're
crimes. I believe that you also tried to rip off the royal treasury at one
point didn't you."
        "Well, your highness, it looks like you've got me cold," said Sandra.
        "Why are you here," asked Rotor.
        "Just gathering a little information," she replied.
        "You're planning to sell us out to Robotnik aren't you," said Sally
"I've got half a mind to arrest you for treason right now."
        "Go ahead," said Sandra, smiling "you can't keep me here. Your
father's high tech prisons couldn't hold me and I don't think whatever you
have now can either."
        "She's right you know," said Bookshire "Know matter what we do,
she'll probably escape somehow. So, I suppose the real question is what
will she do?"
        "Are you really going to sell us out, Sandra?" asked Bookshire.
        "I'm still thinking about it," replied Sandra.
        "Oh yeah," said Sonic "Well, think about this. If you sell us out
we'll make sure every freedom fighter on the planet hears of your betrayal.
You'll never be welcome anywhere ever again."
        "Perhaps," replied Sandra "However, aside from that not happening,
what else would you offer me to keep my mouth shut."
        "I'll tell you what," said Sally "You keep our location a secret
and I'll consider granting you a full pardon at the end of the war."
        "However, your winning the war is not a sure thing," said Sandra.
        "Perhaps, but this a far better deal than anything Robotnik would
give you if you were talking to him instead of me," said Sally.
        "Like I said before, I'm still thinking about it," Sandra replied.
        "As you wish," said Sally.
        The group left her alone, and, later that evening, she slipped
unnoticed from the village."

        Meanwhile, Packbell was walking through the halls of the central
command center, feeling so pleased that he was going to get the location of
Knothole that he couldn't resist whispering a short tune he invented.
        "Jingle bells, 'buttnik smells
        Snively is a geek
        Compared to me, its plain to see
        they're idiots of the week!"
        He laughed a little as he finished and headed for the docking bay
to go meet Sandra.

        Packbell's shuttle landed at the edge of the Great Swamp once again,
and once again he took the same route to the same clearing to see what
Sandra had to say.
        "Sandra," he called out into the darkness.
        "I'm here," came the reply.
        "Did you get the information I requested?" asked Packbell.
        "Yes," replied Sandra "I suppose you want it."
        "I kind of had that in mind," said Packbell.
        There was a long pause. Sandra sat in her hiding place trying to
make up her mind. Finally, she reached a decision.
        "Well," said Packbell "let's have it."
        "Actually," said Sandra "I don't think I'll tell you."
        "What?!" exclaimed Packbell.
        "I told you I was still thinking about it, and I've decided that,
when it comes down to it, I'm not going to betray a member of the royal
family," announced Sandra.
        "I don't believe this!" exclaimed Packbell as he got angry "You know,
Sandra, if you were a Swat-bot standing in front of me, I'd blast you into
scrap metal so fast you wouldn't have time to realize what had happened!"
        He turned and stormed out of the clearing. Suddenly, he stopped
and turned back one last time.
        "Know this, Sandra Nightweaver," he called out "from now on you are
a freedom fighter to me, and if you I ever get my hands on you, you will be
treated as such!"
        "And proud of it!" called Sandra as she sprinted off into the swamp.
        Packbell stood there for a few moments clenching his fists, and
wishing he had something to strangle. After a moment he calmed down.
        "Christmas sucks," he said.
        Packbell turned and walked back to the shuttle.

        A few days later, Christmas Eve arrived and a sort of pleasant
peace settled over Knothole.
        "Don't the stars look wonderful," remarked Sally as she and sonic
walked down the path.
        "They sure do," replied Sonic.
        "Do you think Sandra turned us in?" asked Sally.
        "Doubtful," said Bookshire walking up behind them "Despite all the
claims she's made at being a loner, she still needs some support from the
rest of us."
        "Do you think we'll ever see her again?" asked Sonic.
        "Who can say," said Bookshire "in this crazy war, anything's
possible. Well, good night you two."
        Bookshire turned and walked toward his house.
        "You know, Bookshire's right," said Sonic "I don't think she did it."
        "You're probably right, Sonic," said Sally.
        Christmas Eve slowly slipped away...

        The next morning was a time for celebration. The entire morning was
spent opening presents followed by a huge feast. Everyone got something
they had asked for. The only thing that had not come was global peace and
good will. However, the important thing was the, in the heart of every
freedom fighter was the idea, the belief, that one day soon, they would be
able to celebrate without having to worry if they would make it to the next
year. They would finally have what they fought so hard for year round...


This is Bookshire sending a message to all of you in cyberspace, to
everyone in the country and all over the world, to everyone in this
universe and where ever life exists... Merry Christmas.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: The name, "Mannheim Steamroller" and descriptions of their
music have been used in this story without the permission of Chip Davis, The
Mannheim Steamroller, or American Gramophone Records.

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