Ill Will

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Sonic the Hedgehog: Ill Will
by David Pistone

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        based on characters created by Service and Games (SEGA) and
        on characters created by Archie Comic Publications

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        It was raining. It had been raining hard for several days, and
there was no sign that it would let up any time soon. Deep in the Great
Forest at Knothole Village, there was little or no activity. Most of the
creatures stayed indoors and out of the rain. Tails lay in bed. The
coldness and dampness had gotten him a small cold. Consequently, he was
under Sally's orders to stay in bed and rest. Fortunately, he seemed to
be getting better, and soon he would be well again.
        Deep in Robotnik's territory, at the capital of Robotropolis, all
operations had slowed to a crawl. Due to some crafty sabotage on the part
of the Freedom Fighters, Robotnik's main rain shields were disabled and
much of his city was shut down. At the main control center in the middle
of the city, Dr. Robotnik sat in his large chair gazing at the status
screens on the wall. What he saw was not good. If something wasn't done
soon, the entire city would be completely malfunctioning. As he sat
watching the screens, a short, nervous looking man entered the room.
        "Dr. Robotnik," he said.
        Robotnik's chair turned around so he could face the small man.
        "Report, Snively," said Robotnik
        "The repairs on the rain shield are nearly completed," said Snively
"We should have them fixed within the hour."
        "Excellent," replied Robotnik "How long before Robotropolis is up
and running?"
        "We should be back to full operational status within three days."
        Robotnik turned back to the screens and was silent for some time
before continuing.
        "Tell me again Snively," he said "How is it that Sonic was able to
disable our shields?"
        Snively shuffled his feet nervously.
        "Didn't you say something about weak security?" said Robotnik in a
strangely calm voice.
        "Yes sir," replied Snively.
        "There must be some way to neutralize that pesky hedgehog!" said
        "If I may offer a suggestion sir," said Snively as he walked over
to the main control panels. He typed in a few commands and the pictures
of two individuals appeared on the screen, Princess Sally and Tails.
        "Unlike us," said Snively "the hedgehog has people that he cares
for. If we could get our hands on either of them, we could use them to
keep the hedgehog at bay."
        Robotnik was not impressed.
        "Tell me Snively," said Robotnik "how do you propose to do that?
Princess Sally is not easily caught off guard when she comes here to
sabotage my city, and the small fox hasn't even been seen outside The
Great Forest."
        "We could send spies into the Great Forest and catch them when and
where they least suspect."
        Robotnik thought about this for a moment. Then, an evil smile
came across his face.
        "Excellent!" he exclaimed "Dispatch the Stealth-bots immediately!"
        Back at Knothole Village, the rain was beginning to subside.
Tails, who had been feeling better as of late, was sitting in bed trying
to convince Sally to let him go out and play.
        "I feel fine Sally," Tails was saying "honest."
        Sally, who was sitting beside his bed wasn't buying it.
        "You may only think you're feeling better," she said "but you
haven't fully recovered."
        "Yes I have," said Tails.
        Sally thought for a moment.
        "All right," she said "If you feel as good tomorrow morning, then
you can go outside."
        Tails hugged her "Thank you Aunt Sally!" he exclaimed.
        "Now I think you better get some more rest," she said "If you're
going to be well enough to go out tomorrow, you'll need rest."
        Tails laid down and closed his eyes. Within minutes, he was
sleeping peacefully.
        Sally got up carefully and left the room. As she walked down the
hall, she met Sonic who was going to see Tails.
        "How's the big guy doing?" he asked.
        "He's feeling better," Sally said "He thinks he's well enough to go
outside, but I told him to wait until tomorrow. He's sleeping right now
so don't bother him."
        "All right," replied Sonic "I'm sure he'll be all right tomorrow."

        As Sonic was speaking, three Stealth-bots, Robotnik's silent
robotic aircraft, were cruising at a low altitude over The Great Forest
scanning for Tails and Sally.

        The next morning, as Tails thought, he was feeling better, and
Sally gave her grudging permission for him to go outside. As she watched
Tails run out into the surrounding forest, Bunny Rabbot came up beside
        "Do you think he'll be all right?" Bunny asked.
        "I hope so," replied Sally "Still, I think I'll ask Sonic to keep
an eye on him today."
        "That would be a good idea," Bunny said "In fact, there he is now."
        Sonic was walking toward them while talking with Rotor.
        "Hey, Sonic," Sally called.
        "Good morning ladies," replied Sonic.
        "Good morning," replied Rotor.
        "Sonic," said Sally "could you do me a favor and watch Tails today
and make sure he's all right."
        "Sure thing," answered Sonic.
        "Good," said Sally "If his cold acts up again, I'd like someone
watching him."
        Suddenly, a scream split the air. All present recognized Tails'
voice screaming for help. Immediately, they rushed off to the direction
of the screams. They soon arrived at a clearing where they saw a
Stealth-bot carrying off Tails in one of it's robotic arms. Sonic was the
first to race after it, and the others followed. Suddenly, another
Stealth-bot swooped down from the sky toward the group, dividing them in
all directions. Meanwhile, Sonic, who had been racing after the first
Stealth-bot, was almost in range of jumping up and catching the
Stealth-bot. However, he wasn't looking where he was going and crashed
into a tree.
        Back at the clearing Bunny, Rotor, and Sally were trying to
regroup and retreat, but, before anyone knew what happened, a Stealth-bot
sped down out of the air and caught Sally in it's robotic arm. Sally
struggled to get free, but the Stealth-bot was to strong. All of the
Stealth-bots, with Tails and Sally in their custody, sped back to
Robotropolis with all speed.
        Bunny and Rotor caught up to where Sonic was recovering with his
encounter with a tree. Sonic was sitting next to the tree holding his
head. He looked up as the others approached and asked them what happened.
        "The Stealth-bots got Tails and Sally!" exclaimed Rotor "They've
taken them back to Robotropolis."
        Sonic jumped up in alarm and made ready to race after them, but
Rotor held him back.
        "You know you can't go to Robotropolis," said Rotor.
        "And why not?" snapped Sonic "They just ran off with two of our
best friends!"
        "You need a power ring first," answered Bunny.
        Sonic knew she was right, but he still grumbled about it as they
walked back to Knothole to break the news to the rest of the Freedom

        Dr. Ivo Robotnik was sitting in his big chair in the main command
center looking quite pleased with himself. Snively had just brought him
the news that Tails and Sally had been captured and had just arrived at
Robotropolis. He was looking out the window at what he called a
wonderfully polluted city. He was trying to think of all the ways he would
be able to control Sonic now that two of Sonic's friends were now in his
possession. The door to the command room opened. Robotnik turned to face
who he knew was coming.
        Sally and Tails were being carried into the control room. Each
one was in the tight grip of a Swat-bot. Tails was near petrified with
fear. Sally, who usually kept a cool head, was looking about her to try
to find a way to escape. As soon as she saw Robotnik, she did not
hesitate to protest.
        "You'll never get away with this Robotnik!" she exclaimed "If you
think for one instant that whatever plan you have will work, you are
sorely mistaken!"
        "I think not my dear girl," Robotnik said "This time, I shall see
to it that Sonic never finds you. Surely you know that, as long as I have
you two as prisoners, Sonic will have to do everything I say."
        "The least you could do is let him go," said Sally, indicating
Tails "He's just a child!"
        "All the more reason for me to keep him," said Robotnik as he
walked over to the petrified Tails and patted him on the head "I know how
much this young one's life means to Sonic."
        "If you hurt that fox," Sally warned "so help me I'll see to it
that you severely regret it!"
        Robotnik turned towards Sally.
        "You are hardly in a position to make threats of any kind."
        He looked up at the Swat-bots.
        "Take these two to the transport shuttle," ordered Robotnik "I'll
be there shortly."
        The two Swat-bots carried Sally and Tails from the room. As they
were leaving, Sally heard Robotnik say "We'll see what some time in
Ironlock prison does to them."
        Robotnik's mad laughter could be heard throughout the entire

        The Power Ring were probably the most unusual thing to be
invented. Sonic's uncle, Professor Charles Hedgehog, had developed the
technology shortly before Robotnik's invasion. A few months before the
invasion, Charles placed a device that automatically constructed power
rings at the bottom of a small, deep pool of water near Knothole Village.
        Sonic was now pacing back and forth next to that same pool,
waiting for a ring. Ring construction was extensive and the device could
only turn out one ring every eight to twelve hours. Strangely enough
Sonic was the only creature that could use the power in a ring. When he
held one, he was able to run at just over Mach one. Normally his top
running speed was only two hundred and fifty MPH.
        The pool suddenly started to glow. Sonic stopped pacing and
waited. A large glowing ring levitated up out of the pool and hung in mid
air. Sonic grabbed it quickly. He could feel it's immense power rushing
through him. Not one to waste time, he quickly charged off to
Robotropolis. He exceeded Mach one in less than ten seconds.
        Sonic arrived at Robotropolis in three minutes, and forty-five
seconds. Sneaking into the prison block was not going to be easy. Sonic
stealthily sneaked through the city. As he approached the prison block,
he heard a shuttle taking off and looked up. A large subtle was taking
off from the main control center. Sonic dismissed it as another transport
ship off to mind it's own business. Sonic continued his search for Sally
and Tails. The shuttle coasted through the air.

        On board the shuttle, Robotnik was gloating to Snively about how
well his plan was succeeding. In the back of the shuttle was a small cell
in which was Sally and Tails. Tails was beginning to come out of his
fearful trance and was now trembling uncontrollably. Sally held him close
to her, trying to comfort him. After a time, he slowly calmed down and
stopped trembling. Sally found that he had fallen asleep. Sally
carefully laid him down on the bench she was sitting on and rested his
head on her leg. As she sat there listening to the soft roar of the
shuttle engines, she wondered how Robotnik could be cruel enough to make a
child go through this. She looked down at Tails and saw him cough in his
sleep. She dismissed it as the result of all the pollution in the air,
but something in the back of here mind vaguely suggested that it might be
something more.
        The shuttle continued its journey toward Ironlock Prison.

        Back at Knothole Village, Sonic had just come back from
Robotropolis. He was quite upset that he hadn't found any sign of Sally
or Tails. Sonic decided that his next move should be to go ask Bookshire
if he knew where the pair might be.

        Bookshire was an unusual person. He lived near the northern most
edge of Knothole Village. His main interests were in computer and medical
technology. The thing that made him such an asset to the rebellion
against Robotnik was that he had established a link between his computer
and the Robotropolis Main Computer Core. This provided much information
about almost any aspect of Robotnik's operations. Sonic, along with Bunny
and Rotor arrived shortly at Bookshire's residence. The middle-aged
raccoon welcomed them and asked what he could do for them.
        "Sally and Tails have been kidnapped by Robotnik," said Sonic "We
want you to find out where he's taken them."
        "Come in then," said Bookshire "I'll see what I can do.
        He led the three down into his home which he had constructed just
under the surface. They went into his computer room where Bookshire sat
down in front of the computer and turned it on. After some initial button
pushing, Bookshire switched the computer into voice activation mode so he
could speak directly to it.
        "Computer," he said "access Robotropolis Main Computer Core using
Cryptosmasher software."
        The computer contacted the RMCC and quickly broke through the
encryption security lockouts. It then displayed The RMCC main menu of
        "Computer, determine security level for information regarding the
location of prisoners."
        "Access to Robotropolis Prisoner Status Files requires Level One
Priority Clearance," said the computer.
        "Can such clearance be forged through the use of any code-breaking
software in your memory?" asked Bookshire.
        "Affirmative," replied the computer "with a probability of being
discovered of sixty-eight percent."
        "What does that mean?" asked Bunny.
        "It means that we need to fake and access code to get into these
files," said Bookshire "and there's a sixty-eight percent chance that
Robotnik's security programs will catch us and lock up the system."
        "Well I think that that's a risk we have to take," said Sonic.
        "You're right," said Bookshire "Computer, attempt access of said
files. Upon access, search for information regarding Princess Sally and
        The computer screen was suddenly filled with incomprehensible data
as the computer attempted access. Shortly, the main menu for the prisoner
status files appeared. The computer then searched for the requested
        "There are no files on record for Princess Sally or Tails," said
the computer.
        "Great," said Sonic, annoyed "What do we do now?"
        "Well," said Bookshire "apparently they're not being kept in
Robotropolis. What we have to do now is figure out where they could have
been taken."
        "And how are we supposed to do that?" asked Rotor.
        Bookshire thought for a moment.
        "Computer," he said "exit Prisoner Status Files and access records
for all transports departing Robotropolis in the last twenty-four hours."
        The computer quickly carried out the command.
        "There have been 297 recorded departures from Robotropolis."
        "Which transports were transporting prisoners?" asked Bookshire
        "No transports were reported with prisoners."
        "That would make sense," remarked Bookshire "I guess Robotnik
didn't want anyone to know where they were taken."
        Suddenly, Sonic got an idea.
        "Maybe we could find out if any of the transports were destined for
other prisons," he said.
        "Great idea!" exclaimed Bookshire "Computer, how many of the
previously mentioned transports were destined for any known prison?"
        "Transport NO. 14578-K5-78598-B departed Robotropolis Main Control
Center at 1100 hours today. Reported destination: Ironlock Prison, Pilot:
Swat-Bot #457-S, Passengers: 3.S
        "Ironlock Prison!" exclaimed everyone.
        "Well," said Bookshire "Now you know where they are. Perhaps it
would be in everyone's best interests if you were to go get them. Now!"
        This broke the others from their stunned trance. They thanked
Bookshire and immediately raced off to Ironlock prison.

        Ironlock Prison was one of the oldest structures on the planet.
It had been built in 1593 near the very heart of the Dark Swamp. It was
used for over 300 years until it was abandoned in 1894. Now, the old
building was crumbling, but there were still some parts that were still
intact. One of these parts was a small cell block on the fifth level that
was, at that moment, being guarded by ten Swat-bots. In one of the cells
was Princess Sally and Tails.
        Tails was lying, trembling on what was left of the bed. He was
getting sick again. Sally had done just about all she could think of to
comfort him. She had covered him with an old blanket she found in the
cell, but it was getting colder and colder as night started to set in.
Being unable to think of much else to do, she sat down next to him and
started singing something soothing. She had been singing to Tails for
some time before she was interrupted when she noticed Robotnik standing at
the bars.
        "What a lovely singing voice you have Princess," remarked Robotnik,
smiling "Perhaps you would be good enough to sing for me once."
        Sally was appalled at the mere thought.
        "In your dreams, Doctor," snapped Sally.
        "Too bad," replied Robotnik "I just stopped by to see if you are
enjoying your new home."
        "I'd rather see you behind bars Robotnik," said Sally "How can you
be so cruel as to lock up a sick child!"
        Robotnik smiled.
        "Just another part of my wonderful personality I guess," he said.
        "When Sonic finds us, he'll make you regret the day you were born!"
exclaimed Sally.
        "I think not my dear girl," said Robotnik "He has no idea where you
are, and even if he did, my Swat-bots will handle him. In the meantime,
enjoy your stay."
        Robotnik chuckled to himself as he walked away. Sally turned back
to the sleeping fox and felt his forehead. It was extremely hot. Sally
was getting more and more worried that, if help didn't come soon, it would
come too late. She began to sing to Tails again as night fell into place.

        Sonic, Bunny, and Rotor arrived outside the main gate of Ironlock
Prison shortly after eight o'clock. It wasn't going to be easy getting in
there. Carefully secluded behind some trees, the three planned their next
        "There are four Swat-bots guarding the main gate," said Bunny "How
are we going to get past them?"
        "Maybe we won't have to," said Rotor "If any of the stories I've
heard about this place are true, there are at least three secret entrances
to this place."
        The trio moved silently through the surrounding swamp until they
arrive at a small pond.
        "I think there should be a tunnel into the prison at the bottom of
this pond," said Rotor.
        "I'll go down and have a look," replied Sonic.
        Sonic dove into the murky water. Although he could barely see, he
was able to make out a dark tunnel near the bottom. He swam back to the
        "I found it," he told the others "let's go."
        Bunny and Rotor dove in and followed Sonic down through the water
and into the tunnel. Just as they were about to run out of air, they
surfaced in a dark cavern. As they climbed out of the water Rotor pulled
out his flashlight.
        "I don't think any living thing has been in here for ages,"
remarked Bunny.
        "You're probably right," said Sonic "Let's get going."
        The three proceeded down the dark cavern. It was some time before
the cavern opened out into an abandoned corridor somewhere deep inside
        Rotor pulled out a scanner he had brought with him and swept the
        "I think I have something," he said "I'm reading two life forms
about five floors above and to the northwest of us."
        "Then let's get going," said Sonic impatiently.
        The three moved up the prison as fast as they could go. When they
reached the fifth level, it was crawling with Swat-bots. They moved
silently down a corridor and peeked around the corner. One of the cells
down the next corridor was guarded by a bunch of Swat-bots.
        "That's gotta be where they are," whispered Sonic "you guys wait
here, and I'll handle the Swat-bots."
        Sonic raced out of hiding, and, before the Swat-bots could react,
he leaped into a Sonic-spin and tore through each and every one of them.
When he finished they were nothing more than piles of metal. Rotor and
Bunny came out of hiding as Sonic opened the cell door.
        "Sonic!" exclaimed Sally "Am I ever glad to see you. Tails got
sick again and its even worse than before! We've got to get him out of
        Bunny came in a gently picked up the still trembling fox in her
        "Alright," said Sonic "we gotta find a quick way out of here."
        I think I saw a patrol craft in the courtyard as we came up,"
said Rotor.
        "Great, "said Sally "If it's still there then we're in business."
        They ran down to the courtyard as fast as they could. As they ran
out into the yard, a loud alarm sounded. The were momentarily startled,
but they quickly snapped out of it as the yard began to fill with
Swat-bots. Sonic ran ahead and destroyed the two bots guarding the craft.
the group barely made it inside when the bots opened fire on the craft.
        Bunny laid Tails down on one of the benches as Rotor began to try
the controls.
        "You do know how to fly one of these don't you, Rotor," asked
        "Uh...I think so," said Rotor as he flipped various switches.
        "HEDGEHOG!" bellowed a deep voice from somewhere outside.
        "You'd do extremely well to surrender now, hedgehog," said Robotnik
"we have you completely surrounded."
        "In your dreams, Robuttnik!" yelled back Sonic.
        Just then, Rotor hit the vertical thrusters and the craft shot
straight up for over a mile. Suddenly it stopped.
        "Well," said Rotor, visibly shaken "I think I got it."

        The trip home was somewhat shaky, but everyone survived. After an
examination, Bookshire reported that they got Tails home in time and he
would be okay. Three weeks later, Tails and Sally were back having the
same conversation.
        "I feel fine Sally," Tails was saying "honest."
        Sally, who was sitting beside his bed wasn't buying it.
        "You may only think you're feeling better," she said "but you
haven't fully recovered."
        "Yes I have," said Tails.
        Sally thought for a moment.
        "Not this time, Tails," said Sally "Now I think you should get some
        "Aw, Aunt Sally, "began Tails.
        "Come on, Tails" said Sonic from the doorway " if you go to sleep
now, when you're well, you can go on a race with me through the forest."
        Tails didn't need a second invitation. He laid down in his bed
and went to sleep.
        After Sally and Sonic had left the room, Sally turned to him.
        "You definitely seem to have a way with children," said Sally.
        "Yeah, I understand children real well," Sonic boasted.
        "Takes one to know one, right," said Sally.
        "Right," said Sonic"...hey, wait a minute!"
        Sally burst out laughing.
        "That's not funny, Sal," said Sonic.
        "Sure it is," replied Sally.
        Sonic was about to say something else, but he started laughing
        The pair walked through Knothole playfully making fun of each
other as night once again closed in on the Great Forest.


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