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Sonic the Hedgehog: Character Profiles
by David Pistone
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        This is a list of descriptions of the three original characters
that I created for my Sonic The Hedgehog stories. This document's
purpose is simply for reference when you encounter one of the characters
in the story.

Profile: 01
Name: Bookshire Draftwood
Species: Raccoon
Sex: Male
Age: 36
War Standing: rebel sympathizer
Occupation: Great Forest Freedom Fighter (unofficial)
Specialties: computer and medical technology

Summary: Bookshire is a middle-aged raccoon who, before the take over,
made a living doing numerous jobs from computer hacking to doctor. He was
always bouncing around from one job to another because he had never been
exactly sure what he wanted to do with his life.
        He was fortunate enough to be vacationing down on the southern
continent of Mobius when Robotnik took control of the capital city and
slowly began to conquer the entire planet. He managed to slip by
Robotnik's forces and return to the capital city which was then in
ruins. He was almost captured by a patrol when he tried to break into
the computer system from a workstation. By some miracle, he managed to
escape and spent the next two years wandering about aimlessly, unsure of
how to handle all that had happened. During his wanderings, he had a
few run ins with robotnik's patrols. During one of these encounters, he
fell and broke his right leg. The break had never healed quite right
and it left him with a permanent limp.
        After two years he wandered into the Great forest where he
accidentally ran into the freedom fighters who convinced him to stay with
them. Since then, he has proven to be a valuable asset, first busting
into Robotnik's mainframe, as well as numerous other services.

Profile: 02
Name: Packbell
Species: Artificial Lifeform (humanoid)
Sex: Male simulation
Age: 8
War standing: Robotnik sympathizer
Occupation: Commander, 1st class, Robotropolis Central Command
Specialties: offensive and defensive battle strategies, robotizizing
people, pushing Snively around

Summary: Packbell is the first android in the history of Mobius to be
declared a fully functioning artificial lifeform. He possesses
intelligence, self-awareness, as well as basic emotions. He was a
prototype designed by Robotnik just after the takeover, but the fact
that the android turned out to be as smart as he was caused Robotnik to
scrap the entire project.
        Since the takeover, Packbell has been personally responsible for
the location and destruction of twelve groups of rebel freedom fighters and
the consequent capture and robotization of over 400 citizens. He track
record is flawless, and he never loses. Despite having basic emotions,
most freedom fighters throughout the globe know that he never shows
anyone any mercy.
        When he's not terrorizing rebels, he hangs around the
Robotropolis Command Center either goofing off or finding ways to annoy
Snively. He is considered to be arrogant and conceited. What is not
well known is that, under his loyal exterior, he waits patiently for the
time when he can overthrow Robotnik and rule Mobius himself.

Profile: 03
Name: Sandra Nightweaver
Species: Fox
Sex: Female
Age: 29
War standing: neutral
Occupation: Global informant and spy
Specialties: breaking into places, ability to get information out of
anyone or anything.

Summary: Sandra is a loner who, before the take over, made her living
getting and selling information to whoever made it worth her while. She
has even had brief run ins with the authorities before the take over.
        Now, in this time of rebellion, she has found that her profession
has escalated and she has been known to do espionage and spy work for
both the rebellion and for Robotnik. She doesn't care who is in charge so
long as she's allowed to go about her business. When she's not spying,
she's usually found around places such as the Mystic Caves, the
Mountains of Peril, as well as several other locations. She is
constantly on the move and contacting her for the first time has be
known to be quite a chore.
        Neither side trusts her much, in fact, there is a rumor among the
freedom fighters that she had helped Robotnik steal the Robotizizer plans
form Sir Charles Hedghog's database. This rumor has yet to be proven.

ZAPHOD:"I'm a pretty dangerous dude when I'm cornered."
FORD:"Yeah, you go to pieces so fast people get hit by the schrapnel."

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