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On Thu, 9 Feb 1995, Sonic the Hedgehog wrote:

> >From Sonic the Hedgehog,
> I was so TOUCHED by the story on Tails. Tears were flowing out of
> my eyes... I just felt so bad for that little orange fox. Now if the
> creators of the Sonic cartoon could reenact this very important segment of
> Tails' life as "Tails' Origin" or some suitable title for the esposide.
> It was touching, I tell you.. its a emotional piece of text that
> will always stay with my heart and life.

I suppose that's one of the advantages of hating my stories, I'm
downright surpirised and glad when someone says something good about
them. I agree that the show should do an episode like that and, in this
next season, I certainly hope they do.

P.S. -- In case anybody was wondering about the extra characters in that
story, Bookshire Draftwood is a 36 year old raccoon who's been and
unofficial member of the freedom fighters for about five years. Cmdr.
Packbell is an android constructed by Dr. Robotnik. He is one of the more
feared ememies on the face of Mobius.

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