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At the request of Erich Schulman, here is "Tails' Tale". . .

Sonic the Hedgehog: Tails' Tale
by David Pistone
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        based on characters created by Service and Games (SEGA) and
        on characters created by Archie Comic Publications

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        Night had fallen over the Great Forest. All throughout Knothole,
freedom fighters were retiring for the night. Summer had just started,
but the nights remained a little chilly in the Forest, considering it's
somewhat high altitude.
        Tails lay in bed trying to go to sleep. It was that time between
getting in bed and actually going to sleep when one's mind wanders to all
sorts of different thoughts and ideas. Tails thought about lots of things
during this time. He turned his head slightly and looked out the window to
the stars above. It's a beautiful night out, he thought to himself.
Whenever he looked at the stars, he always paid attention to one specific
constellation. It was one that he remembered seeing all the time over
his old home.
        Home, he thought. A day had never passed that he didn't think of
it. The peace, the tranquility, his parents. He missed his parents a good
deal. Missing them wasn't so bad, the problem was he didn't know if they
were alive or dead, and, if they were alive, if they were robotizized or
not. It hadn't been that long ago when they were separated, only three
years. That had been when he was seven, but the memories were still
fresh in his mind as if they had happened yesterday...

        The village of Bluebrook was a quiet little place populated by
people living normal lives. It was quite a distance away from Robotropolis.
So far in fact that, combined with the concealment by the natural landscape,
most thought that Robotnik would never find them. All they had to do was
keep a low profile. It had been Tails' home for a long as he could
remember. His parents, Elrond and Sarah Prower, were kind, loving parents
that tried to make their son's life as pleasant and enjoyable as possible.
The one part of his life, however, that he had never agreed with was their
choice of names. When he was born, they had named him Miles. It was a
name that he had never liked, and, when he was four, started calling
himself Tails because he thought that it suited him far better. The
young fox had, in fact, been born with two tails. Not actually a birth
defect, it was simply the result of a normally suppressed gene that had
become dominant in his case. Other than that, Tails' life was
uneventful, but all that was about to change.

        Cmdr. Packbell sat at his desk in his secret room looking over
information on his computer terminal. He had been getting reports
recently of freedom fighter activity from various locations around the
planet, and it was up to him to eliminate them if he could. It wasn't
something that he was particularly concerned about given his perfect
track record, except that he was always having to convince Robotnik of
his ability. He really hated Robotnik. He found it hard sometimes to
have the patience to wait for that one day when he would crush Robotnik
and take his place as ruler of Mobius.
        Oh well, he thought. He looked down the list of possible freedom
fighter locations. The list had ten names on it.
        No problem, thought Packbell, I'll just lay out a flight plan
that takes me through all ten of them and nail whichever ones I can.
        He smiled to himself as he began to lay out his strategy.

        Meanwhile, back in Bluebrook, life went about it's business.
Elrond Prower was talking with the leader of the village, one Riff
Underwood, a swift, smart rabbit with natural leadership abilities.
        "I think we might have a problem," Riff was saying "Recent
reports indicate that there's been a good deal of activity in
Robotropolis as of late."
        "Do you think it poses any type of threat to us?" asked Elrond.
        "Not at the moment, but it might," Riff replied "I'm going to
order that this village keep as low a profile as possible. If we draw any
attention to ourselves in anyway the results would be disastrous."
        "Then it's to be hoped that we don't draw any attention,"
responded Elrond.
        He checked his chronometer.
        "Well, it's getting late," he said "I need to get home."
        "Good night, Elrond," said Riff.
        "Good night."
        Elrond arrived at his home to find his wife and son waiting for him.
        "So, what did you and Riff talk about all day?" asked Sarah as
they sat down for dinner.
        "Not much," replied Elrond, glancing at Tails briefly "just the
weather and the party next week."
        "That's good," remark Sarah. She knew from his expression that
he had more to say, but neither of them ever talked about such things in
front of their son.
        "Oh, by the way," said Elrond "Riff and I are going to inspect
some of the forest areas around the village tomorrow for possible look-out
sites so I might be getting home a little late."
        "You always come home late, Dad," said Tails.
        "I know, Miles," said Elrond "but it's all for the good of the
community. You wouldn't want nasty old Robotnik to show up because we
didn't take any precautions, would you?"
        "Bring him on!" said Tails excitedly "I'd run circles around him
and beat him into the ground just like Sonic!"
        "You really believe in him don't you," remarked Sarah.
        "You bet. Sonic's my hero," said Tails "Can I be excused."
        "Sure," said Elrond.
        Tails got up and left the room. After he left, Sarah turned to
her husband.
        "I think he listens to that travelling storyteller too much,"
Sarah said.
        "Well, it's good that he should have something to believe in,"
said Elrond "especially during times like these."
        "True enough I suppose," said Sarah "Now, what were you and Riff
really talking about?"
        "There's been some concern lately that Robotnik's forces might
locate this village," said Elrond quietly.
        "How much concern?" asked Sarah.
        "Well, it's not a real danger yet, but Riff feels we'll need to
start taking more precautions from now on," said Elrond.
        "Well, I just hope that Robotnik never finds this place,"
remarked Sarah.
        "So do I," replied Elrond.
        The two foxes cleaned off the table as night fell into place.

        Later that night, Sarah entered Tails' bedroom and sat down
beside him.
        "Would you like to hear a story before you go to bed Miles?" she
asked, knowing what he'd say.
        "Yes!" he replied as he settled further into his bed.
        "What do you want to hear?" she asked.
        "Tell me more about what it was like before the war," he asked
        Sarah smiled at her son. Tails had been born one year after
Robotnik had taken control of the planet. For as long as he could
remember, there was the war and nothing else. Sarah sat back in her
chair and started to speak.
        "Before the war, there was clean air and sunshine. People were
free and could go where ever they wished. We were ruled by a good and wise
King. He made sure that every citizen was provided with what they
needed and that the balance between nature and technology was maintained.
There were pure white clouds in the sky. There were large open fields
where you could run and play and not feel yourself in any danger. You
didn't have to hide yourself away when certain people came by. In
Mobitropolis, there was once a beautiful fountain outside the royal
palace. In the diamond mountains there was a time where you could
surround yourself in rainbows if the light from the rising sun struck
them just right. Mobius was a place of beauty, peace, joy, and freedom."
        Sarah looked down at her sleeping child. Despite all the love
she held for him, it hurt to see him sometimes. He was growing up in a
world that would not allow him to take advantage of the things she
herself had once known. The world of a peaceful Mobius was just a
fantasy in his mind instead of the wonderful reality she had taken for
granted. These days she only held one true hope in her heart and that
was that her son should have a chance to see a peaceful Mobius. One
that wasn't at war. Neither she nor Elrond mattered now. She wanted
her son to know peace. She wanted him to know, to feel, the wonderful
feelings and experiences that she and Elrond held in their memories.
Standing quietly, she turned out the light and left the room.

        As the night passed, Pacbell's forces moved swiftly but silently
through the skies. Pacbell was feeling very pleased with himself. He
had managed to capture 245 freedom fighters so far and there were only two
village names left on his list. With any luck, he decided, he should
have them taken care of by noon the next day.

        The next morning as promised, Elrond left to go meet Riff at the
edge of the village. They had only been exploring the area for twenty
minutes when their sensors picked up something.
        "What is it," asked Riff.
        Elrond studied the reading a moment longer.
        "I think it's a robotropolis attack force," Elrond said nervously.
        "We've got to get back and warn the village!" exclaimed Riff.
        The two ran back to the village as fast as they could go.

        Meanwhile, deep in The Great Forest, at the top secret freedom
fighter village of Knothole, life was proceeding normally.
        Princess Sally was sitting in front of her communications
monitoring console fixing a few things when it suddenly picked up a faint
transmission on a coded frequency. Dropping what she was doing, Sally
had NICOLE break the code and display the resulting message on the screen:


SERVICE NO.: 546003-3F



        Realizing the urgency of the situation, Sally jumped up and ran
to get the others.

        Meanwhile, the village of Bluebrook was in utter chaos.
Creatures were fleeing in every direction to escape the Swat-bots
marching through the village. Some tried to fight them, but it was a
hopeless battle. Through the panic, Packbell walked confidently, taking
pot shots at everything that moved, not really caring what he hit. As
he walked through the village, he relished the screams of terror and the
sight of panicked creatures fleeing for their lives. To a twisted mind
like his, this was paradise.
        When it was finally over, he totalled up the captures as the
surviving prisoners were marched into the transports.
        "25 foxes, 43 ferrets, 12 rabbits, 13 raccoons, and 5 hedgehogs,"
he noted to himself "not a bad score at all."
        He smiled a little as he turned and went back to his private
shuttle to return to Robotropolis with his latest catch.

        A short while later, a stolen shuttle landed in the middle of
what was once a village of peace. Sally, Bunnie, Rotor, and Bookshire
emerged as Sonic raced up to meet them.
        "We're too late," Sonic said "the place is deserted."
        The five were silent for a moment before Sally spoke.
        "Very well," she said "It looks like all that left is to clean
up. Bunnie and I will check for anything salvageable. Sonic, you can
patrol the perimeter for danger. Bookshire and Rotor will count the
        The five went about the grim task that Robotnik's forces left for

        "Well done, indeed, commander," Robotnik was saying "I'd promote
you if you weren't already in one of the highest positions in the central
        "Of course, sir," responded Packbell.
        "So, since I can't promote you, you can just keep doing what
you've been doing and be happy with that," said Robotnik.
        "Thank you, sir," answered Packbell flatly. He turned on his
heel and left, kicking Snively roughly to one side as he passed.
        Packbell went down to the main robotization center where those
whom he had captured were being put through the Robotizizer. As they went,
some shouted defiance and threats, others begged for mercy and their
lives, others simply cried. Some where still in shock and remained silent.
        As Packbell watched, he noted two foxes with calm, collected
expressions. Two who had apparently resigned themselves to their fate.
Either that or they what to be Martyrs sacrificing themselves for their
cause, thought Pacbell.
        "Oh well," he said to himself "too bad there's no one around to
make a note of it for the history books."
        Pacbell turned and left the machines to their work.

        At the site of the ruins of what was once the village of
Bluebrook, the freedom fighters continued with their tasks.
        Bookshire was crouched by a fallen creature looking for
identification when Rotor walked up.
        "There are two more back behind that building," he said.
        Bookshire sigh in response. He located and ID card and silently
read it.
        "Riff Underwood, village leader," he said quietly "what a loss."
        "This is a nightmare," grumbled Rotor.
        "I know," responded Bookshire as he stood "Well, that just about
does it, let's find Sally."
        Sally and Bunnie were picking through the wreckage looking for
anything they might be able to use. As they picked through the rubble of
one of the houses, they suddenly heard a noise that sounded as if it had
come from one of the back rooms. The two walked carefully through the
debris and into what must have, at one time, been a bedroom. The room
wasn't quite as messy as the rest of the house. Apparently, the bots
didn't search it. As they enter the room, Sally and Bunnie heard something
under the bed. When they bent down to look, a surprising sight met
their eyes.
        Crouched under the bed with his face buried in his arms and
trembling uncontrollably was a small fox that couldn't be any more than
seven or eight at the most. The two tried getting his attention, but it
soon became obvious that he had been terrified out of his senses.
        "Bunnie," said Sally "we need to get at him. Can you move this bed?"
        "Sure thing," replied Bunnie. She seized the bed with her
robotic arm and moved it easily to one side.
        As they knelt down next to him, Bookshire and Rotor entered.
They were momentarily startled by the appearance of a survivor, but they
continued with their report.
        "We're all finished," said Rotor "we counted thirty-five."
        "Thank you very much," said Sally "This disaster, as you can see,
has taken a new twist."
        Bookshire knelt down beside the fox and examined him.
        "Looks like extreme shock," he concluded.
        "Yes, that was my guess too," said Sally "Needless to say, we'll
take him back to Knothole with us when we leave."
        "Good idea," said Sonic as he raced up "there's a swat-bot patrol
heading this way."
        Bunnie picked up the fox and they ran back to the shuttle where
they took off and headed back to Knothole at top speed.

        When they arrived back at Knothole, the fox had been placed in a
spare room just adjacent to Sally's room where he began his recovery from
the terrible events he had witnessed. It wasn't until three days later
that he came around and was actually conscious of his surroundings.
When he first opened his eyes, Sally and Sonic were sitting beside the bed.
        "You don't need to be afraid," Sally assured him "you're with
        "Who are you?" the fox asked a little shakily.
        "My name is Sally, and this is Sonic," replied Sally "and what's
your name?"
        "My real name is Miles, but I like Tails," Tails replied "Are you
really Sonic the Hedgehog?"
        "Indeed I am," said Sonic "You've heard of me?"
        "Are you kidding?" exclaimed Tails, brightening up considerably
"You're my hero! Every time the traveling storyteller came to my
village, he did nothing but talk about you! Are you really as fast as
they say you are?"
        "Am I fast!? Am I fast!?. . .,"began Sonic.
        Sally rolled her eyes. Here we go again, she thought.
        "Is the sky blue, is dirt dirty? I'm the fastest thing on the
face of the planet!" said Sonic, proudly.
        "Wow," remarked Tails. He was completely awestruck. After all
of the stories he had heard, he had finally met his hero.
        Oh well, thought Sally, at least that should make his recovery

        And, in fact, the recovery went very smoothly. It did take some
time for Tails to come to terms with the fact that he had been separated
from his parents and that it wasn't likely he'd see them again for quite
a while, but he accepted it eventually. His parents had taught him well to
accept whatever life gave him. It didn't mean he liked his situation,
but he had accepted that that's the way it was. During one of the first
nights he spent in Knothole, he promised himself that he'd find his parents
again one day, and, until then, he had good friends that would look out
for him and take care of him until he did. One day, he'd find them again.
        One day . . .

        Tails drifted of to sleep quietly that chilly night at the
beginning of Summer. Those last words and the images of the past were
that last things in his mind before it collapsed into sleep.
        Night passed in The Great Forest. Every freedom fighter slept
peacefully. Each one held the dream that one day they would find true
happiness again with loved ones they had lost. each one waited patiently
for that one day when peace would once again reign over Mobius and they
would be able to live normal lives again. Deep in their hearts, they
knew that day would come. All these things would almost certainly come to
pass. . .

. . . one day.


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