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Date: Wed, 08 Feb 95 21:20:39

I'm not sure how to add other poeples texted into a message but as far
as tail's tails goes, That was issue 2 and it was more or less a joke. It also
had other ideas from "Readers" which where listed like he is a mutant, even
showing him in an x-men type outfit. What you are talking about was that in one
panal, it said that "Tails actually has antoine's tail." Sonic says to antoine
that "Look like he's got your hair too." It was a joke. However, one idea that
I feel is a good one is that he IS kind of a mutant. With all the polution from
robotniks places, it could have caused Miles "Tails" To be born with two tails
insted of one. Just my idea.
Craig / Tails

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