Re: Sally's Vest

From: Jamie Wilmoth <>
Date: Wed, 8 Feb 95 18:07 EST

Well... I've read similar discussions by animators before, and what
it usually boils down to is 'color interest' in cases like this.
For example, in the original Alladin movie, Genie wore shackles because
he was ensalved to the lamp; yet in the series he still has them.
As the producer put it, without them the character was nothing but
'A big blue blob' and not as interesting visually.

Now, before anyone bonks me for claiming Sally isn't visually
interesting... :) I'm not saying she isn't. However, I personally
feel she *does* look better in the jacket; IMHO she's gotten the best
new character design this season by a substantial margin. This is
partly just a personal fetish of mine; I always get so tickled when
a toon is shown wearing (gasp!) a *different set of clothes* than the
usual never-changing outfit (or lack thereof). I'm hoping they change
it again next season; heck, I'd settle for a different color jacket.

-Ronnie, thinks Sally would look great in green

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